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  • This is a 1962 Ford Falcon. The floor boards. quarters. doors. trunkall show no signs of rust holes or patching. The paint is driver quality with some dings. blemishes and scratches. The paint is 7 years old. it is base coat clear and is very shiny. The hood. doors and trunk all line up and shut properly. The rear wheel well lips have been flattened to accommodate the Ford 8” rear and the wider tires but they are solid and not cut just flattened.

    Sales of the Ford Falcon pushed the company to the limit. Read about how the success of the 1962 Ford Falcon affected the future of the company on the next page.

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    We chose this 1962 Ford Falcon today because like some of you, we too have personal connections cars. Specifically our soft spot for Falcons of this vintage derives from its simple design that went on to underpin the original Ford Mustang. It also was a workhorse that carried many families in its era, and its design assisted Carroll Shelby’s team to tow their infamous racing cars. Quite simply without this Falcon design, automobile history, as we know it today might not be the same.

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I have a 1961 Thunderbird and a friend of mine has a 1962 Falcon. Three guesses whose car has oodles more room in the front seat… yep, the Falcon.