2000 Toyota Avalon XLS 4dr Sedan

2000 Toyota Avalon XLS

[Rear Kit] GT//Rotors Performance Brake Disc Rotors for Toyota Avalon XL XLS 2000 - 2004

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    ROADABILITY: The 2000 Avalon XLS has the quietness and smooth ride demanded by American luxury car buyers. Its fully-independent suspension is designed and tuned correctly, for both ride comfort and control. Soft and compliant, it has much less body motion than most traditional American luxury cars. Steering is relatively quick, with little effort. Interior noise levels are very low, for a true luxury experience.

  • Hi all,

    I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS with approximately 110,000 miles on it, and would like to replace the engine with a newer engine, because other than the engine that makes a light grinding noise and pauses for 1 - 2 seconds when I step on the gas pedal (as well as stalling occasionally), the car itself is fine.

    Does anyone have any experience with this (with either the engine problem or engine replacement)? If the latter, how much would it cost to have this job done (which Avalon engine can I use, up to what year)? I live in Queens, NY.



    It's been exactly a year since I bought my 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS from a private sale. I purchased it with 124,000 miles and its been very reliable with not a single problem. It is really impressive that my 13 year old Avalon still provides a silky smooth drive and is very quiet even compared to never cars. This Avalon is a "poor man's" Lexus. I drove 26K miles in this year: 450 miles a week due to work, a 1750 road trip from GA to TX, and 7000 miles of small mountain trips. Even with both leaky valve cover gaskets, leaky cam seals, old timing belt and water pump and blown struts this Toyota has never left me stranded and drove excellent.

    Before I give this to my mom I will repair it.

  • 2000 Avalon XLS - Today when I reach approx. 30 - 35 mph I hear a loud humming noise coming from the right front passenger area - sounds almost like someone blowing into a coke bottle low humming groaning - not grinding- any ideas/suggestions??

2000 Toyota Avalon XLS 4-door: Weight: 3,468 lbs.