The 2002 Honda Civic Si promises no more and delivers no less.

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  • Civic Tour will display the all-new 2002 Honda Civic Si that has been custom-designed by Incubus at the festival, along with conducting an "Inc-U-Bus Sweepstakes." Fans can call in to WZLR to win a prize package that includes airfare to Indianapolis, IN, where they will meet up with the Civic Tour at the Verizon Wireless Music Center, where they will get to meet Incubus and enjoy the show, then board the Inc-U-Bus to travel to Chicago's Allstate Arena for another show and meet and greet with the band.

    The Si badge is reserved for Honda cars of special distinction, and the announcement of its return to Honda's 2002 line-up was met with great approval. We traveled to Germany for the launch of the 2002 Civic Si, which not only marks the return of the vaunted badge but also the debut of the most European-flavored car Honda has ever brought to America.

  • Well, let’s put it this way. The only way you’re going to avoid it is by staying out of the car! Because the 2002 Honda Civic Si is so infectious it only takes a few minutes behind the wheel before you’ll break out in a rash. A rash of smiles, that is. And generating those smiles is a tight new body structure that is now back in hatchback form after spending the 1999 and 2000 model years masquerading as a coupe. A move calculated to put an extra big smile on faces of Si purists everywhere.

    With the Si not due at dealers until March, Honda has not yet finalized pricing. But they have said to expect the nearly fully loaded Si to weigh in between $18,000 and $19,000. That’s a price that puts the new 2002 Honda Civic Si right in the thick of a competitive compact crowd with Golf, Focus, Matrix, Vibe, and the new Mini Cooper.


    2002 Honda Civic Si

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    2001 Ford Focus 3-Door


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The 101.2-inch wheelbase on the 2002 Civic Si has been shortenedby 50 mm compared to the previous Civic Hatchback, helping to provideenhanced handling characteristics. Despite the shorter wheelbase, thetandem distance between front and rear passengers remains a classleading 752 mm.