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2003 Toyota Sequoia Limited

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  • Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Sequoia I bought my 03 Limited with 60k miles. Today I have 175k. I changed the timing belt at 105k (book recommends at 95k). Average 15.7 mpg. It does like to use brake pads, but nothing unexpected from a large SUV. I get it serviced at the dealership and keep the regular maintenance. The rear window motor went $500. It went a year later and I have not repaired it. Other than that this vehicle is reliable. I am confident taking long road trips with it even at 175k miles. My family of 5 and 2 dogs and all the luggage fit comfortably. My wife wants to replace it with a new one, but I see no need. My heart will be heavy the day I part with this vehicle.10/27/016, It now has 195k. Took it for a 6k road trip last summer; Phoenix to Michigan and back with much wandering in between. Just last week had to replace the rear gate latch for the second time ($508). This Sequoia is still the best money I have ever spent.

    Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Sequoia bought this truck used in 2009, i wish i knew how many miles, anyways we always traveled back and forth from Houston to Louisiana, in '10 we got a new battery, in '12 we replaced the alternator. We recently sold her because we got 3 new vehicles and this truck was almost at 200k miles and needed some tlc, we just did not have any money in the budge with 3 other car notes. But this baby was a joy to have and we always felt so safe inside. The day we let her go was just hard to believe, but we do hope she will bring joy to another family or something

  • Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Sequoia I love my Sequoia. I think it is the best looking of the full size SUVs and I usually get 18-20 mpg which is good for an 8 seat SUV. However, I have not found my Toyota to be as well built as my Honda's. I am constantly replacing interior trim pieces that and have replaced all of my interior door handles. My overall maintenance bill his higher with this vehicle than with my Honda's too. It it is not an O2 sensor dying or a CV boot splitting it is my bushings for my rack and pinion steering or something else. This thing eats break pads like dessert. Nonetheless, I still like the truck but just have some $ set aside for maint.

    Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Sequoia Just purchased my Sequoia used as a second vehicle. Spent a lot of money on new timing belt, serpentine belt, battery, replacing transmission fluid, etc. - which I anticipated and I am OK with all that. Seat belt retracter and gas gauge that failed right after purchased disappointed - but I still hung in OK. The big surprise that completely turned me off was a replacement ignition key (just the key!) to replace the lost key that did not come with the vehicle - $628 quoted! Unbelievable. From what I understand, an electronic module has to be replaced to work with a new key. Knowing that up front - I would not have purchased the Sequoia.

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    2003 Toyota Sequoia Limited

    V8 - 4.7L 285ci 4663cc type 2UZFE...

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  • Brakes 2003 Toyota Sequoia
    Front Type Ventilated disc
    Diameter 12.6 inches
    Swept Area 288.4 square inches
    Rear Type Ventilated disc
    Diameter 12.2 inches
    Swept Area 198.0 square inches
    Total Swept Area 488.7 square inches
    Parking Floor-mounted pedal type

    Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Sequoia We bought our 'o3 Sequoia new and have put over 105K on it since. My wife loves it and doesn't want anything else. I never thought she'd adjust so easily to such a large vehicle--no problem. The thing is rugged--we hit a guard rail at about 60 mph when we first got, and although it did considerable damage, we felt completely safe--it could have been MUCH worse. This was the only 4 wheel drive that could get out of our neighborhood during this winter's blizzard in Northern VA. Our neighbors were cheering us as we blazed a trail up the street. I'd consider getting a new one--if I could get my wife to give up her old one!!!!

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Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Sequoia Bought new. Has been a great people hauler and very reliable. The only think I had to change was the VSC computer, expensive $1400 or so. Other than that it was routine maintenance. Original tires didn't last, replaced with Michelin's and they look great after 30k miles. I am trading in now for something a bit smaller and got good value even though its a big SUV in the times when that's not cool anymore. Have averaged about 15-16 miles per gallon since we got it in mostly city driving so really can't complain. Someone will be getting a great truck.