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  • My girlfriend has a 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic for just over a year, this past weekend it stopped running and I went to take a look at it. The car would crank, but ran rough, almost like it was not getting fuel. We had it towed to a shop, the mechanic there is a retired Army guy, and I am an Army guy. After checking it out, he says the engine is destroyed. There is oil in it, and it has oil pressure, he is saying for some reason, oil was not getting to the top of the motor. The Car has 39,000 miles and she does not have an extended warranty. I have searched the web for problems with this engine, and have not found anything. Can you guys help with information? Known issues like this? The mechanic found a ?rebuilt? with 45,000 miles on it for $800, will charge $1,000 for the install. The oil, when I checked it was full and did not smell 'burnt' or look black, she has the oil changed at Jiffy Lube, or Quaker State oil change places.

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    My 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic keeps having a starting issue and noone can figure it out! It wants to start, but doesn't turn over. I've had nothing but problems since I bought this car a year ago. ...

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