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    Access the National Highway Traffic Safety database of 1995 TOYOTA AVALON recalls and defects found on 1995 TOYOTA AVALON automobiles. The National Highway Traffic Safety administration is authorized to order the 1995 TOYOTA AVALON manufacturers to recall and repair vehicles or parts of motor vehicle equipment when its investigation indicates that they contain serious safety defects in their structure, or performance.

  • Authorities say the 57-year-old Martinez attacked the driver of a 1995 Toyota Avalon in 2015 during an argument that escalated, and caused a rollover crash. Elijah Olivas, a 6th grade student at Tunnell Elementary School, was riding in the back seat at the time of the crash.

    Vehicle: 1995 Toyota Avalon This is the continuation of my 3/19/2012 review below. The car now has over 558K miles and still running great! Getting ready for my next oil change. Pushing for 600K by Jan/Feb 2017.10/15/2016 - 581,000 miles.

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    Vehicle: 1995 Toyota Avalon 280000 miles. Car had 200000 when ii got it 5 months ago. Knew the previous owner when he got it at 50000 miles. This car is a damn brick let me tell you. at 150000 miles pretty much the whole front end got rebuilt (struts control arms both cv axles ball joints both wheel hubs new calipers) all those parts are still in perfect condition. 1 strut in the rear and thats all the car has recieved other than new pads and rotors. Transmission draain plug was stripped at 100000 miles and the at hasnt been flushed ever, same fluid that toyo put in 20 years ago, and it still runs great. NO RUST ON THE UNDERCARRIAGE, BUMPER MOUNTS, FRAME, ANYWHERE and the worst part is that i live in a heavy salt area/state(Massachusetts) . And for a 3600 lbs 200 hp car the thing actually moves outta its own way, surprising me and all the civics scions mustangs volkswagens/audis and all the other nissan fwd cars that i zip past. only aftermarket product is a magnaflow cat back which makes the car sound like a baby supra!

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According to prosecutors, Martinez, Elijah, his then-13-year-old brother, Jason, and a close family friend, 16-year-old Anthony L., all were injured when the 1995 Toyota Avalon they were riding in rolled after Martinez began choking Anthony from the back seat.