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The AC accumulator is a holding vessel that receives refrigerant after it leaves the evaporator

Spectra Premium 0210024 A/C Accumulator

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  • For an efficient cooling performance, it is a better idea to replace the accumulator whenever the compressor is replaced. It is often suggested so to prevent any further failure in the compressor due to any moisture or other foreign materials that can enter the compressor due to a bad accumulator.

    The air conditioning system is available in most of the recent vehicles and the Volvo AC accumulator/ drier is one of the part in your vehicle's air conditioning system. As the name of the Volvo AC accumulator/ drier suggests, the purpose of this device is to collect the refrigerant in the air conditioning system. You can find the accumulator in the orifice tube system. You can find the Volvo AC accumulator/drier connected to the evaporator outlet. The main role of the Volvo AC accumulator/ drier is to separate the liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor. The Volvo AC drier can be seen in the high pressure side of the system which is of thermal expansion type. The main function of the drier is to separate the gas and liquid and its secondary purpose is to remove the dirt and moisture. There are different types of moisture removing desiccants used in the Volvo AC accumulator/drier.

  • A failed accumulator or orifice tube will obviously not provide an efficient cooling performance. A faulty accumulator will emit a rattling noise when the AC is running. A cracked accumulator will allow the refrigerant to leak, which can be identified using an ultraviolet leak dye. A bad orifice tube can be identified by the air conditioning gauges. If your air conditioning gauges are showing irregular readings or fluctuations, you need to check your orifice tube right away and get the problem fixed.

    Over time, consumers need to replace both of these parts. Drivers should replace accumulators when mechanics open the and expose it to the environment. It should also be replaced when a mechanic suspects that moisture or dirt has invaded the part. Moisture can cause damage to the accumulators by mixing with refrigerant to create a corrosive acid.

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  • AC accumulator orifice tube systems are found in some automobiles while other vehicles include an expansion valve in place of the orifice tube and a receiver-drier instead of the accumulator.

How to Change a Truck AC Accumulator and Expansion Valve

Your Mustang's A/C accumulator (or air conditioning drier) filters your air conditioning system of excess water and traps debris. If your A/C system has been sitting uncapped for a while, chances are that moisture has gotten inside and contaminated the system. If this is the case, it may be time to replace your accumulator. Late Model Restoration carries direct replacement Mustang accumulators to get your A/C system cooling like new again!

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