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This Is A Brand New Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Pair That Fits A 00 01 02 2000 2001 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Base LS Z24 Sport Passenger RH Driver LH Side DOT SAE Approved OE Replacement Composite Type With Bulbs

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  • If you have visited our , you will find that we have and available for a lot of vehicles. Among all these headlights and projector headlights, there are also a lot of choices varied in price, feature, quality, color, etc. If you are not familiar with all these aftermarket headlights and its features, you will feel dizzy picking the headlights for your vehicle. Well, although we are carrying different headlights with various brands, quality, features and colors, we would like to give you some recommendations to guide you through your shopping process and hopefully you will have a perfect buying experience with Dash Z Racing. Let’s go through couple key things to look at when you are looking for a pair of aftermarket headlights:

    First of all, the quality of material is one big issue to determine the price. For instance, a manufacturer can use different plastic to build the lens of the headlights, and therefore, the lens might melt easily if manufacturer is not using a good quality lens. For aftermarket headlights manufacturer by name brand companies, like Eagle Eye, DEPO, TYC, they usually use machine to seal the edge of the lens and the back with silicon. The benefit to use machine to seal the edge is to make sure the silicon is distribute evenly on the edge and make sure the edge is sealed perfectly. In contrast, some small manufacturer might put on silicon gel onto the headlights manually, which leads to two problems: the gel is not evenly on the edge and it might not seal perfectly and therefore moisture might get into the headlights.

  • Aftermarket projector headlights are both functional and great looking. Equip your Euro projector headlights with HID conversion kit to increase visibility during night time. Euro style headlights are one of the must-have mod for your car or truck. Adding this new style without sacrificing any quality.

    Tips: Dash Z Racing does not carry aftermarket headlights with cheap quality because we would like to control the quality to avoid customer complaints as well. The best quality of headlights on our web site will most likely be the projector headlights manufactured by Eagle Eyes or crystal headlights manufactured by DEPO. They use the best quality of material and the best technology to ensure the headlights are perfect.

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    Re: Aftermarket headlight options????

    Send them to me and I will install LED or CCFL Angel eyes in them for you...

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    Aftermarket headlight options???

    I have polished mine, I have tinted mine, I'm tired of them. I have looked everywhere and cannot find aftermarket headlights. I thought there was a greman company that made a set, but I cannot find them know that I want too? Anybody know where to find some? Custom is fine and probably preferred....

    are favored by car enthusiasts as the number one first modification on their vehicle. The reason is because most car manufacturer do not equipped with projectors and it usually available in regular reflective headlights. Also, aftermarket projector headlights feature custom styling with Halo (Angel Eyes) and LED lighting. Aftermarket projector headlights are popular by providing a distinctive look and custom styling that matches your car or truck nicely.

7x6 Projector Aftermarket Headlights

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