Anco Wiper Blades Size Chart, The Right Time to Replace Them

I need help finding locations to purchase ANCO wiper blades.

ANCO 31 Series 31-18 Wiper Blade - 18", (Pack of 1)

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  • Anco winter wiper blades are formulated with rubber that will stay flexible at low temperatures. The most distinctive feature, though, is the rubber boot that covers up all the openings and moving parts that can get jammed up with ice too far from the windshield for the fluid or the defroster inside to do much. If the wiper is freezing up or just flopping an icy arm from side to side, your windshield will not stay clear.

    One thing I knew my winter beater needed was the best winter wiper blades – Anco winter wiper blades. I love to drive my vintage Mercedes convertible in warm weather, but in the winter, it’s a bad idea. Snow, salt on the roads, bad visibility, other cars skidding – it’s time to park it.

  • Anco Profile wipers are now offered in a new retail packaging that highlights key product features as well as the Anco brand’s status as the official wiper blade of the National Hockey League. The packaging also includes a more easily identified part number.

    Anco wiper blades have been around for nearly a hundred years, produced by the Michigan, USA -based Federal-Mogul Corporation. They cost less than twenty bucks a pair and right now there’s a mail-in rebate.

    Federal Mogul Motorparts says its new Anco Wiper blade brand master catalog speeds selection of blades for any vehicle. 

  • ANCO Winter Wiper Blades
    Tough rubber and heavy steel keeps snow and ice out of blade components and holds up against extreme weather
    Our Price: $7.99
    Bosch Micro Edge Wiper Blades
    Our Price: $6.99
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    Bosch ICON Wiper Blades
    Lasts up to 20% longer than other premium wiper blades
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    New Anco Profile wipers feature patented Articulated Contact Technology, which permits unrestricted flexing for more uniform pressure distribution and improved conformance to today’s curved windshields. Each Profile blade is equipped with an integral, symmetrical spoiler that ensures increased down force for exceptional blade-to-glass contact and includes the brand’s exclusive DuraKlear rubber compound for a consistent, clear wipe in a full range of weather conditions.

Anco Winter Wiper Blade - JCWhitney

Anco Winter Extreme uses advanced technology to provide optimal visibility for you even when your windscreen is being covered with snow and ice. It features the Arctic Armor hydrophobic shield to prevent the accumulation of the ice on the wiper blade. Anco Wiper is protected with metal reinforced end caps to prevent ice scraper damage. Anco Winter Extreme features the Geo Core honeycomb design for protection against the road debris.