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  • Poway Imports is your local auto repair shop that specializes in auto transmission repair and manual transmission repair. We will properly diagnose and repair any transmission issues that arise with your vehicle. We’re no stranger to transmissions and you can be assured that our transmission specialists are going to help you.

    When you need automatic transmission repair, manual transmission repair, or a transmission rebuild, look to California Transmissions in Rocklin or Orangevale. Transmissions are our specialty, and we stand behind our automatic transmission repair, manual transmission repair, transmission rebuilds with local and nationwide warranties.

  • At D&A Auto Repair we due a thorough diagnosis of your car's automatic tranmission. If your vehicle’s problem cannot be corrected by adjustments or repairs external to your automatic transmission, then a complete automatic transmission repair will be recommended to you.

    If you live or work near Orangevale or Rocklin, join our growing family of automatic transmission repair, manual transmission repair, and customers. Here’s what one our clients, Angela Adler, said about California Transmissions:

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    You won't find a better auto transmission repair in Shifter's Transmissions of North Jacksonville, FL - our service is second to none!

Nissan Maxsima 2001 Automatic transmission Repair Part 4

Is your transmission slipping or making an odd noise? Most vehicle owners don’t realize that routine transmission service is important to maintaining a vehicle’s health. Poway Imports is a transmission shop that specializes in manual transmission repair and automatic transmission repair.