Suzuki M31, 55cc Automatic Clutch

Automatic electromagnetic clutch

Semi-Automatic Clutch for ATV 50-110cc Universal

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  • Earlier hydraulic automatic transmissions were almost always less energy efficient than due mainly to viscous and pumping losses, both in the torque converter and the hydraulic actuators. 21% is the loss on a 3 speed Chrysler Torqueflite compared to a modern GM 6L80 automatic. A relatively small amount of energy is required to pressurize the hydraulic control system, which uses fluid pressure to determine the correct shifting patterns and operate the various automatic clutch mechanisms. However, with technological developments some modern are more fuel efficient than their manual counterparts and modern 8 speed automatics are within 5% as efficient as a manual gearbox.

    The Core XP Model os the top of the Rekluse automatic clutches, used by professional riders operates absolutely automatic but allows you to also operate manually the clutch lever. Fully adjustable parameters.

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    The Automatic Clutch from Bekkers allows you to use the clutch on a manual car at the press of a button! The button is located on the end of the gear stick- turning a manual car into a semi-automatic. The Auto Clutch is designed to allow a left leg amputee to drive any manual car or a double leg amputee to drive when combined with our brake/ accelerator hand controls.

    Do you want a car with automatic transmission but act as manual transmission in terms of fuel efficiency? Meaning that you will drive easily with the minimum fuel consumption just like driving a manual gear car. Actually, this manual like fuel efficient is already exist in many of continental car. For example in Malaysia, a naza bestari 206 or peugeot 206 which is using an auto tiptronic gear transmission that have a similar fuel consumption with its manual transmission version. The maximum different is just 1.2 of ratio of fuel consumption of an auto to manual transmission.But this one is quite extra technology from Ford. They build an automatic dual clutch 6 speed transmission that helps you gain minimum fuel consumption with an automatic gearbox just like driving a manual with smoother gear transmission.

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    – An automatic transmission clutch pack consists of multiple alternating disks that fit inside a metal clutch drum. To effect gear changes, one of two types of clutches or bands are used to hold a particular member of the planetary gear set motionless, while allowing another member to rotate, thereby transmitting torque and producing gear reductions or overdrive ratios. There are multiple automatic transmission clutch packs in your car. There is usually one clutch pack for each shift of the vehicle or speed of the vehicle.

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