SuperMatic 4L70-E 2WD Four-Speed Automatic Transmission

SuperMatic 4L70-E 4WD Four-Speed Automatic Transmission

ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 gal

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  • The technology came along at a propitious time in American history. The United States, rife with victory from World War II and building up steam for the post-war boom, produced scads of babies and cars (not necessarily in that order). Into those cars they dropped thousands of automatic transmissions.

    It could be fairly argued that the automatic transmission, with its simplicity and ease of use, offered up the automobile to the masses, fulfilling the promise of President Herbert Hoover, whom a generation earlier had promised "a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot." At the very least it widened the vistas of an increasingly mobile workforce, fed the flow of migration to the suburbs, and welcomed women back into the economy following the war effort.

  • Designers spent decades perfecting the modern automatic transmission. This was followed in close succession by Chrysler which in 1941 introduced "Fluid Drive" -- a semi-automatic transmission that still had a clutch pedal. Although Fluid Drive allowed you to start out without using the clutch and the electric overdrive kicked in automatically, you still had to employ the clutch to change between "low" and "high" gears.

    The automatic transmission did this by offering a "no-muss, no-fuss" form of shifting. No more missed shift gates. No engine lugging or racing. No torn-stocking, high-heel clutch-pedaling dramas. None of that. Just press the gas and go.

    For a limited time we are offering the Solenoid Kit for the Volkswagen 09A 5 Speed automatic transmission at a great price.

    Works with VW, Freelander, Jaguar X Type. Does not work with Mazda.

    This kit comes with all 9 solenoids and a free pan gasket when ordered online for only:


    In 2003 Mercedes Benz switched from the BW4409 to the (ITC) Intergrated Transfer Case model seen in the picutre above for the ML Seires and other MB SUVs.

    This unit is a brand new part and requires no core to be shipped back or core charge.


    When rebuilding a unit the right tools is essential. One tool that should always be in your tool box is assembly lube.

    Assembly lube will help in the rebuilding and once all toghether in the initial lubrication of the parts to help avoid damage from a dry start.

    We carry Smart Blend, Transjel, Lube Gard and Dr. Tranny/'s. Click here for more info.

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    The system is supported by the newly-developed and more efficient converter clutch – even if you use the electronic gearshift lever to change gear manually. Combined with precise shifts and low rev intervals between changes, the transmission ensures extremely comfortable gear changes and markedly reduced background noise. The BMW 8-speed automatic transmission is the first automatic transmission available with Auto Start Stop function. This doesn't just save fuel when driving, but also at every traffic light.

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In 1953, in an almost desperate attempt to compete with Ford and Chevrolet who both had fully automatic transmissions, Plymouth fitted a torque converter to their standard 3-speed manual gearbox and called this optional transmission "Hy-Drive." The torque converter allowed the car to remain in High gear for most driving, providing fluid torque multiplication as needed. A clutch was provided for manual gear engagements and the driver could utilize all three speeds as desired. Hy-Drive was also offered for the 1954 model year, but was soon replaced with Chrysler's fully automatic two-speed PowerFlite transmission.