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Bocar, what is a Bocar you may be thinking? Its no ordinary vehicle, its quite a speed machine.

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  • A leading force in the Canadian Car Care industry, Bocar offers a comprehensive private label product line as well as a wide array of products from the world’s leaders in the automotive detailing industry including cleaning, detailing, waxing, polishing and rust proofing products. We also offer a full line of professional equipment such as buffers, polishers, vacuums, extractors and rust proofing accessories.

    It is one of only 18 XP-5 Bocars known to exist. We in fact own four XP-5's such as this, and two of the super rare Bocar Stiletto. Five were said to have been built, but only three have been found. I've included a picture of our only running car (currently) and of the two Stiletto's. The red XP-5 bears serial number 007, and we do race it. Carefully might I add, but we do race it. I personally have had the thing up to 125 MPH, with different gearing, it is well capable of punching in at 160. The two Stilettos, are in unrestored condition. The blue car has been to Nassau in the early sixties, and we do have photographic proof of that. The other is a bit of a mystery, it bears a spot of either black, british racing green, or charcoal grey paint, and it is believed to be the first stiletto ever produced."

  • "Our Bocar XP-5 has been in the family since 1985. Purchased out of Billings Montanna, and shipped via truck to Denver. The car at the time featured a rather ugly boat windscreen, and a massive tractor muffler on the back. These were the first to go during it's restoration. Though originally white, it got a coat of Curley Racing Red, and went racing in 1987.

    This particular car can be traced back to the Bocar factory in Denver Colorado. The evidence is a picture in our archives, that shows Number 7, perched next to a Bocar XP-6 coupe. Serial number seven features the original 283 inch Chevrolet V-8 and Borg-Warner T-10 fourspeed gearbox, along with 5000 original miles. (more than likely, half of which are racing miles.) It is surprisingly reliable, and takes a flogging rather well. But we do race it on the careful side, and try not to break anything.

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    It is a wild machine to drive, and is just as fast as it looks. All three generations of us Curley boys earned our racing licenses in this car, and it holds a very special place in our hearts. Which I suppose is why we keep looking for more Bocars. In fact, in our collection, we have four XP-5 Bocars, (Only one of which runs.) two of the three remaining Bocar Stilettos, and a Bocar-Bangert Special called Old Purple."

1959 Bocar XP-5 | HowStuffWorks

Purchased then by the consignor, a discerning Bocar collector from Plymouth, Minnesota, the XP-5 has since been treated to a comprehensive, yet sympathetic restoration that included a full mechanical rebuild of the original drivetrain elements and a cosmetic renewal of the Meister Bräuser III livery, resplendent now—as before—with the hand-painted accents matching the iconic look of its Scarab teammates, including the striking Borrani wire wheels, as equipped from new. Following completion of the exacting refurbishment, the car was shown only once, winning an Amelia Award for “Pre-1959 Race Cars” at the 2015 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.