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Cami Secret Set of 3 Clip-on Camisole, Black/Beige/White, One Size

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  • With our large selection, you can get the protection and style you want. We have full coverage bras that completely cover the front end, but still allow access to the engine; sport bras that cover the area that is most susceptible to damage, the leading edge of the hood; and T-style bras that protect a larger area of the hood. Each bra is custom made to hug every curve of the body, while accommodating features like fog lights and retractable headlights.

    In modern society, it is considered unsightly for a women to wear an article of clothing that reveals her bra strap. Thus, various types of bras are provided in the marketplace. Some of these bras include strapless versions or bras having removable straps to be worn with shoulder-less or sleeveless garments. Since many bras are costly, it may not be practical for many women to purchase a wide variety of bras. Thus, the present invention provides cost effective for women who cannot afford a strapless bra by covering their bra strap when the bra is worn with shoulder-less clothing.

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Tell your friend about the "Tulip Bra Cover Tank"