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  • There are two different kind of brakes installed on passenger cars and trucks today – disk brakes and drum brakes. Nearly every vehicle on the road today has disk brakes a least on the front and more and more cars are being built with disk brakes on all 4 wheels. Drum and disk brakes are very different devices that accomplish the same goals. For the sake of simplicity, and since most cars have them, this article will only deal with disk brakes.

    Why are disc brakes better than drum and how much, if any, loss of braking occurs when using rear drum brakes on a modern car? That's what we're going to find out in this edition of Tech Center.

  • Braking hard like this shows up the quality of cheap and nasty car brakes in a flash when brake fade and even complete loss of brake effectiveness can occur. Modern car brakes consist of a hydraulic brake system employing four brake rotors and four brake calipers all inter connected and balanced. Temperatures of the brake pads alone can pass 1000 degrees in heavy braking and brake fade on cheap car brakes can be as low as at 400 degrees.

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