3. Is the rear wheel likely to skid if you apply the brakes hard?

13. How good can you get at emergency braking?

Braking for Bodies (A Cycle Path Mystery)

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  • " Verstappen’s corner cutting was all down to worn tyres and being too late on the brakes."
    And Hamilton spearing through the chicane on Lap1, Turn 1 was due to cold tyres and too much speed. Same same.
    Had there been a sand trap, they'd all be in the hotel room early.
    Point is, as soon as you make a rule there'll always be exceptions and justifications for 'extenuating circumstances'.
    It's the price we pay. But we can't regulate overtaking out of the sport either.

    Agreed, but there was no incident, just a guy braking late to gain an advantage with poor execution. It was even worse than that of VES later, as HAM didn't even have the choice of staying on the extended bitumen.

  • yes David coulthard was unfair in his comments about rosberg leaving the door open when nico was avoiding the collision with Lewis as he could see the lock up early. Rosberg also braked properly for the first corner which Lewis and max did not both of them locked their right front tires but coulthard who has been racing for years does not know this.

    I believe that Max should have given the place to Seb and that way Vettel would have had a buffer to Daniel. Having said that, Vettel moved over on to Ricciardo in the braking zone. I guess it depends on whether Daniel locking his brakes to avoid contact is evasive action. He didn't leave room and should have been penalised.

    Download our braking physics spreadsheet

    It's an Excel '97 format spreadsheet, You can alter speeds, thinking time and braking effort in "g" and see thinking distance, braking distance, overall stopping distance, and the size of the safe braking zone in seconds.

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    Vets move clearly breaches the clarified move under braking ruling. If the stewards didn't act, it would have been a further farce on their rule enforcing ability.
    What I don't understand is why it took so long for them to rule against VES -with even his team telling him to give the place back, that should have been a red rag to the stewards, and if should have been communicated to VES straight away -he would then have realised that with Vet and Roc's proximity, there was no point staying in front of them.
    Secondly, the ruling on Vet must have been scheduled for after the stewards power nap!!

Middle English, fern, probably back-formation from braken bracken

Now one might assume, for combined brakes, when we apply the rear brake the front will come into play and thereby will make the front tire skid. The first thing that’s wrong about this assumption is “the front tire will skid”. ABS is there to prevent that exactly. So what happens, instead is,when we apply the rear brake hard, the middle piston of the front brake caliper will get activated applying the front brake as well (but not that hard) and ABS will also come into play if there is a possibility of wheel lock. It proves to be much more safe for panic braking situations.