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  • Dodgems can reduce the mental age of the whole family to that of the smallest member. They bully each other while driving and expand the war mission with wicked grin. It is such a fun to drive indiscriminately from left to right. Face to face with the adversary only the brave one wins. As its interesting and thrill and other advantage, bumper car is welcomed by people from all over the world.

    The biggest advantage of Skynet bumper cars and the ground network bumper car is that they have continuous powered supply. So customers’ playing time is not limited by the battery capacity. They are very suitable for relatively large amusement parks, theme parks, and other Large-scale recreation grounds, which often have a large stream of passenger every day.

  • Welcome to Beston amusement equipment co., Ltd. One this page professional bumper car manufacturer Beston provides various bumper car rides for sale, including Ground/floor net bumper car for sale, Skynet bumper cars for sale, Battery bumper cars for sale, newest ufo bumper cars for sale and kids small bumper cars for sale and Inflatable bumper cars for sale. Each dodgem bumper car has its own characteristic, different types can be used on different occasion and you can choice the right one for your business. Because we are the direct manufacturer, we will give you the lowest price which are generally lower than peers.

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    Power     240w
    Voltage 380V/400v/420v– 45v/48v/52v
    Speed     110m/min
    Seats     2 persons
    Control box  Automatic control
    volume of single bumper car     2 people
    Bumper car speed    ≤2.38m/s

  • Lusse Fiberglass Body Bumper Car

    To the surprise and confusion of pedestrians and motorists, two grown men were spotted joyfully racing down the streets of Shenyang, China in a pair of bumper cars on Saturday.

Beston kids UFO inflatable bumper cars

I have a 1953 Lusse Bumper car that has been refurbished and mounted on a brand new Honda 700. It has a Black cherry and cream color scheme. It is similar to Tom Wrights red and black car. It is a 5 speed with reverse. Gas and clutch pedals, left hand gear shifter, hand and foot breaks, lights and controls in a custom dash. This is a difinate head turner and will win awards at any local car shows. Form more information, please let me know. I am in the Atlanta area.