The Complete Bumper Replacement Cost Guide

Bumper Replacement Cost Comparison. We’ve collected some example costs of having a bumper repaired from some of the leading auto repair companies.

OE Replacement Toyota Camry Rear Bumper Cover (Partslink Number TO1100181)

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  • Each type of car model takes different sized bumper, so you will have to buy the bumper according to your car type and model which makes the bumper replacement cost variable. In addition the type of bumper material also has its say. If you intend to use it for heavy-duty purposes, such as, vehicle recovery then it is already decided for you which type of bumpers can be installed in the vehicle.

    If you own a very old, antique, classic or collectible car you will no doubt want the highest standard of repair possible. You may need to find a specialist and obtain a bumper repair price from them. Older cars usually have metal bumpers and these can be easier to repair than the newer vinyl bumpers. You can take your car to a shop and get a car bumper repair estimate. They will be able to easily assess what repairs need doing and possibly offer you a full quote, rather than an estimate. In some cases the bumper may be beyond repair, in which case they might also be able to undertake that job and tell you a rough bumper replacement cost.

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    Re: bumper replacement cost

    Originally Posted by Ryan Shaw
    wow even if the grill and lights aren't touched its still over 3 grand? Looks like just a plastic piece you could pop off and on again. for that price i can stand to have the underside cracked!
    Should not cost $3000 to R&R and refinish a new front bumper cover. Without looking at the part price I would estimate $1200.00, complete.

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    Re: bumper replacement cost

    You are right- wrong wreck wrong car! $1399!
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