Yay! You're now following camber adjustment in your .

if you're right, that means we have no rear camber adjustment whatsoever in stock form..dude

Moog K90473 Cam Bolt Kit

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  • Triple C Camber Adjustment Bolts (TC114) by H&R®. Diameter: 0.55". Strut Bracket Width: 1.38"-1.92". Quantity: 1 per Pack. The application is compatible with H&R struts and stock struts. Adjustment range is -1.0° to -3.5°, depending upon ride height, and accommodates for the needed strut angle change. To install, simply replace the stock strut bearing with the camber plate assembly.

    So you’ve installed or raised your vehicle. It looks great, but your wheels are slanted and tires are wearing. Sounds like you need a ! Camber is measured in degrees, both positive and negative. Camber can be the result of a bad alignment, wearing parts and changing the ride height on your vehicle; rather raising or lowering it. Camber takes valuable rubber off the road by ridding on the edges of the tires instead of the traction patch. With proper camber adjustment and alignment correction, the car will be more responsive, handle better wet and dry and your tires will last the manufacturers lifetime rating.

  • Camber affects the vehicle's stability. There are several different methods to adjust camber. It all depends on the type of vehicle and the steering and suspension system design. Front wheel drive vehicles typically use a rack and pinion gear. Most of these vehicles do not all have camber adjustments. Aftermarket products are sometimes used if a rare camber adjustment is necessary. Some vehicles utilize an upper strut mount that has slots to adjust the camber accordingly. Others use an eccentric bolt and cam that when rotated, moves the top of the tire inward and outward, adjusting the camber angle. Adjusting the camber angle on a vehicle will affect the total toe. Check and adjust toe after adjusting the camber or caster angle.

    I was unable to correct the camber before the purchase of these camber adjustment bolts. If you've dropped your ride I'd recommend using these bolts to help bring the suspension back to it's normal position.

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    Eccentric cam: Eccentric cams are used on short arm long arm and some MacPherson strut suspension systems. On MacPherson strut systems, a slotted hole is located on the strut arms bolt hole adjusting and attaching it to the steering knuckle. Usually the cam is slotted onto an eccentric bolt and as the bolt is turned, the strut arm is moved inward or outward for camber adjustments. These cams are sometimes found on the rear suspension of vehicles. Some vehicles have eccentric cams located on the upper control arm and others are located lower.

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Because our cars have a solid rear axle and not an independent rear suspension, the rear wheels do not have camber adjustments, therefor, the camber angel is never out of alignment for the rears as is the case with the front wheels.