“The Perfect Car Bumper Protection For Parking Garages"

Anti collision ABS Front Car Bumpers & rear Bumnper With Lamp for SUV IX45

MAXSA Innovations 37357 Park Right Car Door and Bumper Guards

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  • TAG : IIHS Small Car Bumper Damages. Honda Civic and Honda CRV
  • Replaceable rubber edges come on all our products and serve a dual purpose-your 4Bumpers finish remains protected and the rubber edge does not damage other car bumpers.

    46” EXTRA wide surface area for maximum rear bumper protection: Most bumper guards and bumper protectors protect only the corners. Our rear bumper protector covers the center of the car bumper the area most prone to damage.

  • The Bumper Bully is an ergonomically designed all weather . It was designed to replace the ugly, bulky bumper guards and bumper protector products that glue to your car bumper. Our unique shields your car bumper from the vehicle behind you. When properly attached it may help protect the bumpers finish from minor scratches during parking maneuvers. Having a Bumper Bully attached is like hiring a body guard to watch over your car. Stop being bullied by other cars.

    Undoubtedly, every car owner is keen about the safety and security of the vehicle. Especially, if you think about vehicle safety, you will understand the importance of very well. Bumpers are essential protection parts. Imagine the car without bumper. We just cannot. Even small dashes or hits can lead to huge repair expenses in this case. Bumpers are installed in front as well as in rear part of the car. The protects vehicle from dashes at the rear side. Depending on the design of the car, rear bumpers protect the rear body parts as well as the passengers travelling within the car.

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    Car bumpers are not meant to reduce the high-speed impacts or collisions but there are many situations where car dashes or lightly collides at front or rear side, bumpers can reduce the bumps and damages out of it. Bumpers are the legal necessity mentioned by jurisdiction. The height and placement of the bumpers is also specified legally to ensure road safety and to avoid major damages.

IIHS Small Car Bumper Damages. Ford Focus and Ford Escape

All-wheel-drive "cross-over" cars such as the were classified as multi-purpose vehicle or trucks, and thus exempt from the passenger car bumper standards.