Car door handles used to all look like this:

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Stander HandyBar - Automotive Standing Aid Car Assist Handle + Vehicle Emergency Escape Tools with Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter + Lifetime Guarantee

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  • With an ergonomic rubber grip, built-in seat belt cutter, and side-window breaker for emergencies, the Handybar is perfect for people with limited mobility due to recent surgery, back or leg problems, and pregnancy. Use the car door Handybar in vehicles that are low to the ground, as well as trucks and SUV's.

    Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 44 years, shows how you can easily replace a broken car door handle on your car. A screwdriver and a small socket set is all that's needed.

  • So the printing industry can make good car door handles if the design and production functions can work together as the technical line between these functions becomes increasingly burred.

    Have you ever been communicating with a friend via semaphore flags, trying to describe the door handle of a car, but then collapsed from exhaustion trying to describe the handle? Of course you have. We all have. Luckily, this is another problem I’ve solved, thanks to this definitive taxonomy of car door handles. You’re welcome.

  • Where’s the handle? It’s not even remotely similar to looking for Waldo, but you might just have to exert more effort if you are looking for your run-of-the-mill car door handle. To open the doors of this McLaren MP4-12C, you have to rub your hand under the ridge in the door. Yes, it is that advanced. If you have to pay as much as you need to for a car of this class, it is only proper that everything – even the door handles – wow you, right?

How to make good car door handles? | The Missing Horse Consultancy

I would say THIS is the traditional car door handle. It's just an evolutionary version of the same door handles that were on most cars from the forties through at least the late seventies and continued on sporadically in some lines and continuously on Jeeps (maybe others) ever since.