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Car doors freeze shut when water seeps between the seal and the car frame, or into the lock itself

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  • These futuristic-looking car doors open upward rather than outward at a fixed hinge on the vehicle. While these doors are now considered unique to , even being referred to as Lambo doors, they originated with the Alfa Romeo Carabo, and their purpose was to allow drivers more visibility when driving in reverse. The designer of the vehicle deduced that a raised door would allow drivers to lean out and look behind them as they steered. Currently, are advantageous because they also allow for parking in cramped spaces where conventional doors would not be able to be opened. Additionally, scissor doors could potentially be used as replacements for conventional doors due to the fact that they hinge to the vehicle at the same location.

    These car doors open from hinges at the top of the vehicle and are called because they resemble a seagull spreading its wings. The first gull-wing doors were on a Mercedes racing car in 1952, and a street legal version was introduced two years later. Perhaps the most well-recognized gull-wing door car would be the , as featured in the film, "Back to the Future." Gull-wing doors are advantageous because, much like scissor doors, they need little clearance for opening. They are at a disadvantage as far as safety is concerned, as an accident that leaves a vehicle with gull-wing doors overturned would make it impossible to open the doors for exit. For this reason, most vehicles with gull-wing vehicles are also designed with a large windshield to facilitate departure.

  • There are a number of ways in which a car owner can locate and purchase a replacement car door. In person, buyers can visit auto body shops, auto supply stores, and wholesale warehouse stores. Auto dealerships are another option where car doors either may be in stock or can be ordered from the dealership, depending on each specific outlet's availability and stocking practices. If buyers decide that they would like to order a replacement car door online instead, several websites that can range from wholesalers to auto manufacturers to individual sellers can offer a selection of car doors for purchase. Still another great online resource for buying replacement car doors is auction websites such as , where consumers can browse and select from a wide variety of listings at varying price points from a multitude of sellers.

    Like the coach doors of horse drawn carriages, are hinged on the trailing edge of the vehicle. If these doors were to suddenly open while the car is in motion, the results would be far more dangerous than with conventional doors as the wind would not naturally close them, but rather would open them further. This was especially an issue with cars that were manufactured before the addition of safety belts. Due to these safety issues, suicide doors were not used for a great while in cars, but in recent years they have seen a surge in popularity with foreign vehicle manufacturers such as the Kia Naimo. They are easier to exit than conventional car doors are, and for that reason, they have also been used in newer police vehicles with the idea that criminals could be more easily put into vehicles while wearing handcuffs by using the open design of rear-suicide doors.

    The amazing thing about the Door Shox car door protector is the products flexibility. This flexibility allows the car door guard to conform better to your vehicle’s body, providing a glove like fit. Whether your car has bulging doors or flared fenders the Door Shox will flex to provide the best protection.

    Our car door protection utilizes the highest quality materials. The #1 Door Shox is comprised of V-Tech energy absorbing foam that’s lightweight and weatherproof. When the car door guard is bumped the material flexes and bounces back to its original form. Rain or shine the Door Shox car door guard will protect your car doors from door bumps!

    What’s the point of a car door protector that cannot fit your flared fenders or sculpted car doors. This is a major problem for other door guards, not the Door Shox car door guard. Our car door protector was designed to contour to your vehicles body panels for a best fit. Picture above shows a Camaro with a bulging rear fender.

  • To search for replacement car doors on , you may begin with the most basic of searches by typing "" into the search bar. This will result in many listings, so you may want to consider adding some keywords, such as the make or model of your vehicle. For example, adding the word "" to the original search will bring back hits that are more relevant. Another way to whittle down the search returns is to choose from the provided categories. Selecting will eliminate any results that do not have to do with actual cars, such as toy cars or models, as will the other categorical filters that eBay provides. You can also use the Car & Truck Parts & Accessories Finder tool and add Make, Model, and Model Year to your search. Still another option is to choose to refine your search by wheel placement in the case that, for example, if you only need to buy a .

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