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Transformers Autobot (2.5") Car Emblem 3D

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  • Are you looking for those hard to find car emblems? We specialize in two types of emblems. They include the , which is made of glass and copper and is commonly found on the pre-war car, as well as the clear top , which is found on many post-war vehicles. Emblems are the sole focus of our business. In fact we can help with any emblem that conforms to our. If we don't have that emblem you need, chances are we can restore your original. Our emblem are unsurpassed. We are the first choice for both the professional and hobbyist restorer. If you are looking for a Truck, Boat, Airplane or Motorcycle emblem, our service may be able to help you too! Our many years of experience, and highly specialized know-how has enabled our name, as well as our emblems, to become "Your emblem of distinction."

    Every car comes off of the dealership lot with emblems. Most car emblems consist of the make, model, trim level, and possibly the dealership's logo. Older cars had emblems stuck on through holes in the sheet metal, but today most emblems are attached using a strong adhesive that is safe for paint. To safely remove car emblems you'll need to do more than pull them off of the vehicle. Learn how to remove emblems from cars to get a smooth, clean look.

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    I came up with the idea to make these car emblems over 8 years ago for some side cash. I tried making the prototype the only way I knew how. Carved a transformers logo into a block of wood, melted metal with a blow torch and carefully poured it into the mold. Needless to say it was a disaster and I almost burned down the house in the process.

    But now, 8 years later, I am finally able to own a nice looking Autobots AND Decepitcons car emblem without having to go to such great lengths. Sweet.

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