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MANATEE CO., Fla. (WWSB) – A palmetto man suffered critical injuries after being hit by the car mirror of a passing vehicle on Tuesday.

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  • Late last week, someone ripped off their car mirrors, smashed their pumpkins and then put the mess in an orderly pile on the front porch. The same night, farther down Greenwood, another woman had her pumpkins smashed. Another person reported that around 2 a.m., Greenwood had been blocked by furniture and other random objects lined across the road.

    It is very annoying when the car mirror breaks off of the interior of the glass windshield. The mirror performs an important function for drivers and must be fixed as soon as possible, lest the driver...

  • Boo Gorden, who lives on Greenwood, chalked it up to "East Nashville weirdness," . The homeowner who lost the car mirrors told the station that police said the culprit was probably a "crazy person."

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    Car and Truck mirror glass

    Like the drivers' side mirror, this mirror is equally easy to replace. However, take into consideration the degree of convexity as it is different from one car to another. Most dealers sell car mirrors that are made to fit your specific make or model, whether it be a Focus, , or a ten-foot tall pick-up .

Auto Car Mirror Glass Replacement, Just need the glass

Driver side mirror and passenger side mirror replacements give car drivers the important ability to see what is going on behind them on the road. Drivers are able to access a variety of different mirrors for this purpose. These include automatic dimming review mirrors, power mirrors, wide-angle mirrors, side mirrors, and truck towing mirrors.

Technology, advancing at the rate that it is, enables these mirrors to serve more than one purpose today. One such feature is automatic dimming capability. These will dim automatically when bright lights are shone on them. This means no more suffering from bright lights being shone from behind.

Specialized mirrors are for specialized vehicles such as SUVs, wide trucks and minivans. It is difficult to see when backing up these large vehicles, the side view mirrors help in a big way. Wide-angle kinds make the process of reversing a whole lot easier. This helps to reduce blind spots significantly. Trucks that tow cars will need special mirrors for this purpose. This helps to see beyond the vehicle that is being towed. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes as to be customized to specific vehicles. Sadly though, due to their positioning, these car mirrors are very easily damaged.