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  • Troubleshooting Remote Car Starter Problems. How to Program Chrysler Lock Remotes. Troubleshooting Remote Car Starters. Featured. 10 Tips for Used Car Shopping....

    Why is the remote starter installed in your car not working properly? What causes remote car starter problems? Go through this article to find some troubleshooting tips.

  • Inspect the battery. You should always check your battery first, because dead or sulfated batteries are often misdiagnosed as car starter problems. If the battery is low on power, dead or badly corroded, it may be responsible for your car troubles.

    Troubleshooting the car related problems is often not an easy task at all as the car engines are generally very complex in nature. However, it can always prove worthwhile to know about the exact car problems which are being faced, before taking the car to an automobile mechanic. Additionally, one can even save money if the car related problems are small and can be repaired easily without the help of a car mechanic. The various steps enlisted underneath outline the exact method of troubleshooting the car starter problems:

  • Hello, my name is Mark Blocker and in this segment we're going to cover diagnosing car starting problems. To diagnose car starting problems you should get out your owner's manual, go to the troubleshooting section, and there should be a section in there on diagnosing engine won't run, or engine won't start. If you follow the simple diagnostic procedures that they have outlined in your owner's manual, there are some things that you can check as a operators level, as to determine why your engine won't start. After you go through this checklist, it's kind of a process elimination that will allow you to check basic functions and determine why your car won't start. If that can't be found using this diagnostic method, you're going to need to refer to a qualified service technician, or other personnel. There is a lot of expensive equipment required, with a lot of todays computer controlled cars, that we just don't have the equipment available to diagnose with. But, if you follow the simple procedures laid out in the owner's manual, you can often get through a won't start, or diagnose engine wont' run problem by use of the operator's owner's manual. So, those are some of the things that you can do as the operator to diagnose why your car won't start.

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If you do feel your starter is going bad then it may be time to take it in for service. While changing a starter is not a difficult process, it does need to be done properly by a complete car care center that can make sure the new starter is operating correctly. Rad Air’s professionals would be happy to help. We have locations and auto care mechanics nearby who can accurately diagnose your car starter problem and help you to resolve it. Simply contact one of our locations in , , , or and let us help you keep your car running.