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Remote car starter with 1 way transmitter, security system and keyless entry.

Avital 4103LX Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote

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  • I had a remote car starter installed a few years ago and it worked like a charm. Then, I had some body work done on my Camry and the car battery was close to dying. so I got a jump and the car was fine. I tried my remote car starter and although the light on the remote seem to work, the car will not automatically start. What do you suggest I do?

    I own a 2009 Toyota Camry. I had my car starter installed professionally 6 months ago (not by Toyota).
    I just started using it during the cold weather a month ago. In order to get it started I had to press the
    remote several times and in frustration just held the remote down until it finally started. I planned to bring
    it back to the installer. Sunday when I got into my car and started it manually I noticed the engine
    light flickering on and off so I planned to call Toyota the next day. When I got on the highway the car
    would not accelerate properly and the car started to shake. When I finally got to my destination I shut
    off the ignition and when I started the car and stepped on the gas pedal it wouldn’t move. I had the car towed to my Toyota dealer. They did all the tests and said they couldn’t find anything wrong. they
    took the car out and said it was running fine.I can only assume that all this has something to do with the wiring on the starter. I’m bringing it back to the installer. Have you ever experienced anything like this?

  • This is something that we hear from time to time from car dealers. It is completely false. If a quality remote car starter is installed properly, it will have no impact and not interfere at all with vehicle electronics. Subraru’s are a more challenging vehicle, but a skilled installer would have no problem with your vehicle. We do them all the time.

    Robert, that’s interesting… I’ve never heard that before. I would be interested in knowing more and where you got your information from. It is a shame that you are not going to be able to enjoy your remote car starter as thousands of other folks do every day.

    Remote Car Starter with the smallest-size Avital remotes ever. Perfect for use with OEM keyless remotes integrated into the factory key.
    This is a universal product.

    Use Our Vehicle Application Guide to Build a System!

  • Description
    Get the convenience of remote start with the smallest-size Avital remotes ever. Perfect for use with OEM keyless remotes integrated into the factory key. Long range remote start in a tiny package!
    Features & Specs
    Remote car Starters are not Recommended for use on Manual Transmission Vehicles
    Additional Information
    • New! Virtual TachTM eliminates the need for a tach wire in most installations
    • New! D2D serial data port for Xpresskits
    • New! Bitwriter programmable for easy configuration
    • Superhet receiver (HX) for great range
    • Two remotes with dedicated AUX outputs
    • Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, and Remote Start
    • Outputs for optional Horn and Starter Kill/Anti-Grind relays
    • XCR relays onbard
    System Features
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • D2D serial port for Xpresskits
    • Virtual Tach
    • Anti-Grind output (relay required)
    • Timer Mode
    • Keyless Entry (while running for 4113)

    Made by Avital Car Alarms

    This product carries a Full Manufacturer's Warranty!

    I’ve read your article and was relieved to find that adding an after market part such as a remote car starter will not void a new vehicle’s warranty…. Could you please advise if this is true for the Canadian market as well?

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Do not let your car dealer tell you that an aftermarket remote car starter will void your warranty. This is against the law! The prevents a dealer from voiding a warranty simply because of the addition of aftermarket equipment. If that equipment or associated installation causes damage to the vehicle, the dealer does not have to warranty the job. This is another reason to go to a specialist shop that sells good remote starters and installs them professionally. We offer a detailed on this subject.