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  • The terms camber and caster are two of the measurements used in aligning automobile wheels, with the third measurement being toe. Camber and caster alignment affect tire wear as well as vehicle steering and handling.

    Caster is used to describe the angle of a steering pivot, as seen from the side of the vehicle and measured in degrees. Caster alignment plays a large role in evaluating the “feel” of steering and the stability of high-speed transportation. Three to five degrees of positive caster is typical for most vehicles, and lower angles for heavier vehicles are used to keep steering comfortable. A faulty caster angle will cause loose or difficult steering.

  • Alignment Guide is a quick reference program that covers all the basics of wheel alignment and steering/suspension inspection.
    It covers basic toe, camber and caster alignment, causes of various kinds of steering and tire wear problems, and tells how to correct these conditions.

    The same kind of problems that can cause camber misalignment can cause caster misalignment: a bent spindle, mislocated strut tower, bent strut, worn or collapsed control arm bushing, bent control arm or a weak or broken spring. So if any of these parts are replaced, caster should be checked and readjusted as necessary after the parts have been installed.

  • Another reason for replacing a strut would be if it is bent due to collision damage (either from an accident or hitting a curb with sufficient force to actually bend the strut). A bent strut will change camber/caster alignment which may cause uneven tire wear and/or a steering pull. The recommended fix for this kind of problem is to replace the strut, although some repair shops may attempt to straighten a bent strut with special equipment if the strut is not bent too badly.

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The position of the strut relative to the wheels and chassis determines both Camber and Caster alignment of the front wheels. On rear strut suspensions, the position of the strut relative to the wheels and chassis determines rear wheel Camber.
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