if you are looking for a cheap catalytic converter? you might want to read this before you buy!

AP Exhaust 608205 Catalytic Converter

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  • If you are in need of a cheap catalytic converter replacement, the 15036 is a reasonably priced option. That is a fraction of what original equipment would cost. Expect to pay double or even triple that amount buying straight from the original manufacturer.

    Yes, there are such things as cheap catalytic converters. Most people do not realize the cost of a catalytic converter until they have to replace one. An OEM version can cost several hundred dollars. Why are they so expensive? One of the main elements in reducing emissions in a converter is the catalyst. A catalyst is the substance used to trigger the change of toxic emissions to less toxic ones before the gas goes out of the exhaust system. In , the catalyst can be a precious metal such as platinum, rhodium, or palladium. They are expensive as a result.

  • When someone has to replace a converter, if the car is under warranty, the car’s owner looks to the dealership for replacement. Once the vehicle moves out of warranty, the owner will start looking for alternative sources. That is where they begin the search for cheap catalytic converters. Once you move away from OEM converters, you will start to fall. The first step in getting a better price is looking at aftermarket converters instead of those from the original equipment manufacturer. You will see a significant difference between the two.

    This cheap catalytic converter will fit any application that can accommodate the 2 inch inlet and outlet simple pipe connection. The stainless steel body weighs less than 5 pounds with an overall length of 13.25 inches covered in an aluminized heat shield. It can also be installed in both directions as long as the heat shield is facing upward.

  • Another way to find cheap catalytic converters is to consider using rebuilt ones. Once a car goes to the junk yard, mechanics and technicians can pull and rebuild many of the parts. The price of a used converter is usually significantly less than a new one. When you purchase a rebuilt one from a reputable dealer, you usually get a decent warranty in addition to the good price. This is a very cost effective option for people on a tight budget who need to pass state emissions inspection quickly. It is also a good option for fixing up a car without putting a great deal of money into it.

Early Catalytic Converters were bulky and prone to high heat ..

While many people have found success solving their problem with , sometimes you really just need to purchase a replacement converter and move on. Below is our pick for the our favorite cheap catalytic converter.