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1980 Chevrolet Chevette Scooter


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  • Bizarrely, I, along with many others (I suspect), knew the Chevrolet range pretty much from the top down. Anybody who knew anything about cars knew about the Corvette. The Camaro came next, with far fewer people knowing about them, and from that point onwards everything turned to mush. Very few people had any idea that Chevrolet offered an entire range portfolio, from Impala and Caprice land-yachts down to Chevette Scooters. Impala meant something to some of us, Caprice meant a bit to any kid who watched any film with a police chase in it, or, say, any film set in New York with yellow Caprice and Crown Vic cabs vying for screen space. But who knew that there was a Chevy Monza? Why would any British kid be able to spot a Citation or Celebrity?

    "Very few people had any idea that Chevrolet offered an entire range portfolio, from Impala and Caprice land-yachts down to Chevette Scooters."

  • This car carpet is dyed in a continuous range operation with special chemicals added to reduce fading, in many cases far outlasting the Chevette Scooter original carpets. It is also tested for ozone humidity fading and lightfastness for maximum lifespan. This new carpet will add resale value to your Chevrolet Chevette Scooter, you will be amazed how clean and fresh your Chevette Scooter's interior will feel. This carpet is the highest quality aftermarket carpet available in the industry. We use Computer-aided, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and the strict quality control to ensure this Chevrolet Chevette Scooter carpet will fit perfectly!

    After being at Hemmings, I worked for Old Cars Weekly and Price Guides for about 10 years and while living in Iola, I bought my wife a new Chevette Scooter in the late 1970's. The car proved to be indistructable, got over 32 mpg, and started everyday in those bitter Wisconsin winters.


    I was in Florida a couple of years ago and couldn’t stop laughing when I saw a Chevette Scooter with a FL “collectors” license plate on it.  Only qualification is that it was old enough to qualify for the plate.

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  • rudiger

    “To steal a line from “Bloom County,” it wasn’t that bad, but lord it wasn’t good.”

    The cartoon to which the author refers is one where Opus is a movie critic and in writing his review, goes on with, “Bad, bad, bad, bad!”, finally ending with, “Well, it wasn’t that bad but, Lord, it wasn’t good…”.

    In any case, the Chevettes I most fondly recall are the super el-Cheapo Chevette Scooters. Imagine stripping an already stripped car to the bare bones. These were the Chevettes that had smooth cardboard inner door panels with no armrests.

    But what I really like about the Chevette Scooter is how, for a short period (after the Vega was discontinued), it was actually the preferred choice of compact vehicle for hot-rodders to shoe-horn a small-block Chevy V8 into. Those Chevettes so-equipped could really scoot.

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    When my wife and I bought the Chevette Scooter I mentioned in the first post, we traded in a 75 Pinto Squire station wagon. A cute car, fun to drive and O.M.G. did it get horrible m.p.g. I mean, nothing you could do to that car would get it past 15 m.p.g. The Chevette performed like a dream in comparison. The one we are selling is a delight to drive, but at that low of miles it should be. Thanks for the post.

I was the original owner of a 1976 Chevette Scooter.

Aside from the duct tape, Greenwood said a witness — a strip-mall security guard — will place a brown Chevette Scooter that belonged to Kramer's girlfriend's father close to the scene both before the attack and fleeing the area afterwards.