Chevrolet Chevette 1978, aviso chileno.

1978 Chevrolet Chevette

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  • Most Viewed brand Chevrolet Chevette CS will remain for centuries. We invite you to see we found 6 photographs of this model. Chevrolet Chevette CS is one of the best producers.

    Most Viewed brand Chevrolet Chevette 14 will remain for centuries. We invite you to see we found 6 photographs of this model. Chevrolet Chevette 14 is one of the best producers.

  • The Chevrolet Chevette was 's version of General Motors's worldwide GM T platform of the 1970s, which was also sold as the Vauxhall Chevette, Opel Kadett, and the Holden Gemini, among others. The T-car was actually first launched in Brazil under the Chevette name in 1974, as a two-door Sedan (car); the Brazilian Chevette line eventually included a 4-door sedan, a 3-door Hatchback, and a 2-door Station wagon (named Chevrolet Marajó), as well as a Pickup truck (named the Chevrolet Chevy 500), and was produced until 1994. Chevettes are also a car used in racing in Dirt Track Racing. It has its own series. The Chevette was the last Rear-wheel drive Subcompact for the United States and Canada, although in Mexico, it was last survived by the 2004 Volkswagen Beetle.

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    Chevrolet Chevette
    Production 1976-1987
    Class Subcompact
    Body Style 3-Door Hatchback
    5-Door Hatchback
    Length 158.7"
    Width 61.8"
    Height 52.3"
    Wheelbase 94.3"
    Weight 2000-2300 lbs
    Transmission 4-Speed Manual, RWD
    5-Speed Manual, RWD
    3-Speed Automatic, RWD
    Engine 1.4L (85 cid) I4 (1976-1977)
    1.6L (98 cid) I4 (1976-1987)
    1.8L (111 cid) Diesel I4 (1981-1986)
    Power 53-70 hp
    Similar Pontiac T1000/1000
    Platform T

  • Chevrolet Chevette
    Early Brazilian Chevette
    Also calledGMC Chevette (Argentina)
    Production1973–1994 (Brazil)
    until 1996 in Ecuador, 1998 in Colombia
    AssemblyAlvear, Santa Fe, Argentina (GMC Chevette),
    São José dos Campos, Brazil[7]
    Bogotá, Colombia[8]
    Quito, Ecuador (Aymesa)
    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Valencia, Venezuela.
    Body and chassis
    Body style3-door hatchback
    2/4-door sedan
    3-door station wagon
    LayoutFR layout
    • 1.0 L I4
    • 1398 cc I4
    • 1599 cc I4
    • 1817 cc 4FB1 diesel I4
    Transmission4/5-speed manual
    Wheelbase2,395 mm (94.3 in)
    Length4,161 mm (163.8 in) (1985 sedans)
    3,961 mm (155.9 in) (1985 HB)
    4,197 mm (165.2 in) (1985 Marajó)
    Width1,570 mm (61.8 in) (1985)
    Height1,325 mm (52.2 in) (1985)
    1,385 mm (54.5 in) (1985 Marajó)
    Curb weight836–923 kg (1,843–2,035 lb) (1985)
    SuccessorChevrolet Corsa
    Chevrolet Kadett/Ipanema

    Photos courtesy GM HeritageA number of vehicles came to the end of their respective lines in 1987, including the then-ubiquitous Chevrolet Chevette. The versatility of the global GM T-platform begat not just the Chevette, but also the badge-engineered T1000 in 1981 to supersede the Pontiac Sunbird ...

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The Chevrolet Chevette was, upon its introduction for ,the smallest Chevy ever offered. But as you'll learn in this article,the Chevette was a big success among budget-conscious buyers.