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Genuine Honda 76400-SDA-A03 Rearview (Day/Night) Mirror Assembly

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  • Sure, I guess you could believe me if I said it was fun. All depending on who is in your class. If you have a nice sharing, caring class, that is when the civic mirror is enjoyable because you could meet your needs. Needs, what needs? Well, when you sign up for this on , you ultimately start off with with a family. You name all the members of your family (any name you would like, stick to appropriate names people), along with what relation they are to you (sister, husband, cousin, best friends for life!…etc). This family of seven of yours will need something from time to time. You will have to meet their needs before the year is over, or someone in your family will die. Usually 1 person has 1 demand. So, if your family needs 2 health units, and 1 education unit, chances are 3 might die at the end of the year if you do not get all 3 of those units.

    This is why before civic mirror officially has started in your classroom, there will be a bid election. Students have an opportunity to buy the hex they would like of their choice, for the highest price called out. The teacher decides how much money you start off with. The teacher is what you call “god,” but is not in charge of how well your family does in civic mirror. That is your responsibility.

  • Everyone in this game have different hidden objectives, so that students have a certain goal to accomplish in the course of this game. It has been a fun experience on civic mirror, but some people need to learn how to share also. As a class, we had difficulty powering some with the power unit because it was selling at unaffordable amounts of money. This caused almost everyones family in civic mirror to die. Next year, I think that my class should work on some new laws by the government, therefore hoarding is not an option.

    This manual leads students through the entire Civic Mirror process of building and running their own nation. It is the rules, events, and activities outlined in this manual that will turn your students’ Civic Mirror country into a miniature version of the United States. The U.S. Student Manual serves as a script that makes the process fun and easy to do.

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    This part is also known as Honda Civic Mirror, Side View; Honda Civic Door Mirror; Honda Civic Wing Mirror.

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    The Archived Countries page now allows users to see all of the countries from Civic Mirror history, what school and location they were born from, and what school year they existed in. Here’s an example:

What Is The Civic Mirror? - YouTube

Basically it’s a government and economics simulation that turns classrooms into countries and students into citizens. Far more than just a game, The Civic Mirror is a fully comprehensive civic education program that turns the old rules of teaching and learning on their head. Students actively assume real-world citizenship roles – both in the classroom and online – and work as individuals to provide for imaginary families and achieve hidden agendas, while working together to build a strong, democratic nation.