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  • However, the present steel disks 105″ including the TURBULATOR technology in combination with the array of twenty-four anti-rotation tabs 112 ′ were developed by ALTO Products Corporation at the request of the applicant herein for the present POWERGLIDE clutch pack since such steels 105″ (as illustrated in ) were heretofore unknown in the prior art.

    In summary, it can be seen that the present invention provides a high performance clutch pack assembly for a POWERGLIDE transmission including an increased number of friction disks and steel disks, which provides substantially more friction surface area and increased clutch holding power without compromising performance.

  • Although not specifically illustrated in the drawings, it should be understood that additional equipment and structural components will be provided as necessary and that all of the components described above are arranged and supported in an appropriate fashion to form a complete and operative high performance clutch pack assembly for a Powerglide transmission incorporating features of the present invention.

    What it Does Core Manual with TorqDrive® puts the power to the ground. It’s a full manual clutch unlike anything else on the market. Through use of innovative thin friction technology we are able to fit more plates into the clutch pack; providing more torque transfer, a precise lever feel, and durability beyond simply billet […]

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    In normal operation when the POWERGLIDE is in low gear, the low band 15 (refer to ) is applied to the outside diameter of the clutch drum 11 and the drum is held stationary. The clutch piston 125 is biased to the low gear position (i.e. piston displaced to bottom of its travel in piston bore) as shown in and the frictions 110 spin freely within the clutch pack assembly 100 with the rotation of the input shaft 17.

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In other words, the Speedshift MCT unit from Mercedes-AMG, is a multi-clutch automatic gearbox. Instead of a torque converter, like conventional automatics, it possesses a “clutch pack,” which includes multiple placed together and controlled separately. It is easily differentiated from dual-clutch automatics because it has a single input shaft