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Detroit Axle - Both (2) Front Lower Driver & Passenger Side Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - 10-Year Warranty

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  • Replacing Lower Control Arm and Ball Joint. Learn how to replace a lower control arm with the lower ball joint. I show the process in a 95 ford windstar but it is similar in many different makes and models. This is a single arm control arm with a strut bar for support. A wishbone lower control arm will be similar minus the strut bar.

    WATCH THIS if you are changing out your control arm:
    Upper Control Arm Replacement:
    How to Change Tie Rods:
    Ball Joint Replacement:

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    A vehicle is really only as good as its parts, like a Beck Arnley control arm. To raise the horsepower of your ride's power plant, add a selection of these optional devices that are custom designed to expand performance. People who want to get the maximum performance from their engine understand that only premium quality parts should be used for repairs and maintenance. Your vehicle is outstanding because it has great performance and awesome style, so to keep it going in top condition you need the acme in high-quality parts and accessories. The narrow end of the control arm connects to your wheel in a ball joint while the broader end of the arm connects to the car frame and spins on a bushing. If one control arm needs replacement, it is often wise to get the cross-side arm checked, as it may also require repair. Many control arms are shaped like a letter A; the narrow end connects to the steering knuckle and the bifurcated end attaches to the frame. A vital element of several car suspension styles, a control arm is generally flat, three-sided and fastens to the frame and your wheel. A control arm is a crucial component of your car's suspension, for it connects the steering knuckle to your vehicle frame. When you want a Beck Arnley control arm, repairing your beloved car or truck with OEM quality parts is the smartest move every single time.

  • If your car displays any of the above symptoms, the control arm may need to be replaced. If this is the case, please proceed with the troubleshooting and control arm replacement instructions described in this guide.

    If you want the most performance out of your car or truck, look at a Febi control arm. Top motoring is no problem with high-performance devices manufactured to function with the engine as well as guidance components. People who love their cars understand that only premium quality replacement parts should be installed. To add to the horses of your vehicle's motor, think about a few of these optional parts that are especially engineered to raise performance. The slender end of the control arm attaches to your wheel by a ball joint while the wider end of the arm attaches to your vehicle chassis and turns on a bushing. Your control arm is a critical component of your vehicle's suspension system, and it mates the steering knuckle to the car or truck's frame. When one control arm needs replacement, it's generally a good idea to get the opposing arm looked at, as it too may need maintenance. Typically, control arms resemble the letter A; the narrow end connects to the steering knuckle while the bifurcated end attaches to the frame. An important aspect of numerous vehicle suspension designs, a control arm is relatively flat, shaped similar to a triangle and fastens to the vehicle chassis and your wheel. Our specialists here at PartsGeek understand what it's like to take pride in your car, and so we are committed to helping you find the perfect Febi control arm.

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    Blauparts VW control arm replacement information is not designed to be an instruction sheet. This is an overview on removing and replacing VW Passat control arms and was designed to help our customers grasp what's involved and helps owners to better communication with the mechanic during the VW control arm service job. The below VW control arm replacement info will differ depending on vehicle application and which VW Passat control arms are being replaced.

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Even the slightest deformation of a control arm can prevent wheel alignment angles from being adjusted to within specification, and the damage may not be obvious until the arm is compared with the new part. Control arm replacement may also be necessary if the ball joint is worn, because some ball joints cannot be serviced separately. However, even when the bushings and ball joints can be replaced, control arm assemblies that come fitted with these parts can be a boon to repair work. It’s much quicker and usually cheaper in the long run to install a complete control arm assembly than to spend the time and effort with drivers and presses to replace the bushings and ball joint individually.