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  • We have a huge selection of over 2000 dash kits for nearly every make and model. From wood dash covers to carbon fiber, aluminum and chrome dash kits. We have it all for your car. All of our dash trim kits have guaranteed fitment, and are high quality, long lasting dash kits that will last the lifetime of you vehicle. Also, our dash kits are custom made to fit your vehicle. Its just as easy as filling out a quick form with drop-down menus to select the specs of your car and we start manufacturing your dash trim kit right away!

    Our Dash Trim Kits are engineered for a true factory look, without sloppy edges, mis-aligned hole cut-outs or parts that peel off because they were not engineered correctly. 3M Primer-Less Adhesive

  • You may also want to get a modern aluminum dash. Aluminum dash trim kits are similar to the carbon fiber kits in material, but have a metallic aluminum finish. These kits are available in brushed aluminum, OEM aluminum, chrome, etc. and are also UV coated to prevent wear and fading.

    See below the selection of Honda dash trim kits we carry.
    Honda is one of the best selling cars in the world. This is due to the fact that Honda manufactures their vehicles using high quality materials and with the highest regard for engineering. The dash panels found in most Honda vehicles are high quality yet they are usually boring and relatively uninspired. Using Honda dash kits a Honda driver can easily upgrade the interior of their vehicle to create a more custom and more visually appealing look and feel.

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    Sherwood produces dash trim kits for a wide range of applications. 90 percent of the kits are graphic, 2-dimensional kits, fitting all surfaces that are flat or only bend one way. 3D components are used when needed, to cover areas with complex shapes that bend in more than one plane. The components are made with perfect match in colors, patterns and materials. Sherwood's advanced system for color and pattern match makes sure that the Sherwood provide a perfect match to original, factory installed dash components and to all Sherwood trim parts, such as , grab handles and door panels.

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of Real Wood Dash Trim Kits, Synthetic Wood Dash Trim Kits, Carbon Fiber Dash Trim Kits, Chrome Dash Trim Kits, Aluminum Trim Dash Kits and Modern Colors Dash Trim Kits. If you're not sure of the color or finish you want, you can easily order samples too.