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Fabtech FTS22025BK Black 8" Basic Suspension System Coil Box

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  • One of the newest ones, and one that caught our eye, is from Fabtech suspension. Why did it pique our interest? First, it allows for 8 inches of lift while providing plenty of strength through its stout construction. Other nice features include the fact that no driveshaft modifications are necessary as long as you have the Allison transmission, and no steering centerlink changes are required. We looked in as Fabtech installed its 8-inch kit on a four-wheel-drive 2500HD Crew Cab. If 8 inches of lift is too much, Fabtech also sells a 6-inch kit. And if blue is not your color, black also is available. Follow along as we look at the highlights of the install and the results.

    The Results
    On the street, the Fabtech-equipped HD rode quite firmly, but this was more due to the triple-shock setup, which definitely was overkill for the pavement. The Fabtech suspension uses the stock torsion bars, so a close-to-factory ride should be possible using just a single shock. If this was our truck, that's what we'd do.

  • Step up your truck's looks, feel, and performance. Fabtech Suspension offers a wide variety of gear that helps you get the most out of your truck, whether you're crawling on rocks or cruising the pavement. Take your stance sky-high with a lift kit or smooth your ride out with some shocks. Whatever it is you need, Fabtech's got the tools to get it.

    When you need rugged, off-road-worthy strength and performance, a Fabtech Suspension Kit is the way to go. You can send your truck skyward with Fabtech Lift Kits or simply smooth our your ride with a set of shocks. Every suspension kit and component is custom-designed to integrate seamlessly into your rig. The rest of the road won't know what hit it, but you will, because you insisted on nothing but the best for your vehicle.

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    Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension is proud to say that we are a true suspension manufacturer. All of our bracket systems are made made and inspected in our facility. High quality top grade steel brackets are cut to precise dimensions. What does this mean for you? It means every bracket is made the same and will allow a proper fit.

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    Fabtech Suspension Kits are bolt on and installation instructions are straightforward with clear detailed instructions. If you are hitting the dirt or just driving the streets around town, get a Fabtech Suspension System for better handling and an overall more comfortable ride!

  • When selecting the suspension system, pay attention to Fabtech suspension one. The Fabtech company presents a range of products for numerous suspension types. The job of a car suspension is to maximize the friction between the tires and the road surface, to provide steering stability with good handling and to ensure the comfort of the passengers.

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Fabtech Spindles feature a one-piece cast design with 1/4" thick heavy-duty lower control arm crossmembers for excellent durability. Their press-in axle snub design makes them even stronger and longer-lasting, while maintaining your stock upper control arms and steering centerlink for a factory-quality ride. Fabtech Lift Spindles are compatible with factory suspensions as well as Fabtech Performance Suspension Systems.