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How does it create that signature Flowmaster muffler sound

Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler - 3.00 Center IN / 3.00 Offset OUT - Aggressive Sound

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  • The U-Fit Dual pipe kits are universal kits that come complete with all the pipes required to build a custom dual exhaust system. And the Installer Series pipe kits allow for the flexibility that is needed to build an exhaust for a modified vehicle. Flowmaster also offers you Universal Scavenger pipe kits, known as X-Pipes, which perfectly balance out the pressure difference between the sides of the exhaust. Unlike the traditional X-pipes, the Scavenger kits feature patented D-port technology that delivers the classic Flowmaster sound.

    Let's face it you love your truck or muscle car and you want it to be noticed and running at its best. Flowmaster exhaust systems are one of the best out there with a great sound and power enhancing performance.

    Everyone wants their exhaust to sound great, but first things first – it has to boost your engine's performance. Flowmaster exhaust systems are going to allow your engine to more easily emit exhaust fumes by optimizing the travel from engine to tip. Reduce back-pressure and you boost power. Boost power and you go faster – that's what Einstein said.

    How does Flowmaster create such great sound from their exhaust kits you ask? The sound is created by a muffler that is manufactured for not just that great "Flowmaster Sound" but for optimal power and mileage. Taking the time to select each muffler, resonator, tube size for each vehicle and then dyno tested and proven Flowmaster really shows pride and care in their work. Each performance exhaust system is paired specifically with a muffler to create a mild, moderate or aggressive tone level.

    You can choose from aluminized steel or upgrade to a polished stainless steel exhaust kit. Each truck and car exhaust system is mandrel bent for an even flow and exit. Flowmaster exhaust systems come complete with muffler(s), hangers, clamps and tip(s) for easier installation.

    Customize your car, truck or SUV the way you want with applications offering a single or dual exit exhaust kit. You can even go further and select side exit, dual side exit, rear exit or dual rear exit for a true personalized style.

    Flowmaster exhaust systems are easily recognizable with their unique sound that everybody will turn their head to look your way. Get yours today and not only get that great tone but also improve your power, torque and fun!

  • When it comes to the classic Flowmaster sound, there are a number of choices for performance mufflers. Depending on whether you have a mild, daily driver or a full on musclecar with over 500 ponies under the hood, there’s a muffler for you from . But what happens when you make that decision for a new Flowmaster muffler and it’s not what you expected? Sometimes the rumble is too much, and other times it’s just not enough, and there’s no way of telling which one is the one you truly wanted.

    But we’re not just installing one set of mufflers to let you know how it sounds on this musclecar. We’re installing and not only firing it up, but also doing a road test with all eight mufflers to give you an idea of what you can expect from outside of the car, and from the inside as well. We started with the mildest of the bunch, the , which is a great muffler for a daily driver who is looking for the classic Flowmaster sound with very little interior resonance.

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    I had 40 series on my 1998 sierra and she had a nice tone but at highway speeds it was loud in the cab. I went with dynomat and it worked great. If you want that classic flowmaster sound they are it!



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    Flowmaster, manufacturer of performance exhaust systems, mufflers, exhaust kits, racing mufflers, and much more, is known for its unique sound around the world. What makes Flowmaster so unique is that its performance improvement is paired with unique exhaust tones. The "Flowmaster Sound" is offered in many different tones depending upon the muffler series. We think you'll like the performance gains provided by Flowmaster exhaust products even more than the sound! From the deep, aggressive tone of Flowmaster 40 Series to a quiet and subtle, but unmistakably rich Flowmaster tone of the 70 Series, you will find the right Flowmaster application of performance and exhaust sound you want. Trust JEGS to deliver Flowmaster products to you quickly at everyday low prices!

1965 chevy truck, flowmasters sound good!

The "Flowmaster Sound" is the true tone of American muscle and performance. Available in a wide range of diesel applications. Flowmaster mufflers produce more power than original equipment (OE) and competitive aftermarket products.