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GE Lighting 886/BP Automotive Fog / Driving Light Halogen Bulb (14689) 1 Lamp per Blister

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  • The latest addition to the GE Lighting - Automotive portfolio and to the is the , which offers the highest performance of all regulatory approved halogen . The lamp effectively provides more light on the road through exceptional coil luminance, unique blue coating and a 100% high pressure Xenon filling gas. The new Megalight Ultra +120 effectively improves driving performance at night. This clearer illumination, combined with whiter, brighter light resulting from the blue partial coating, offers additional safety advantages - particularly for elderly and fatigued drivers. "The new is our most high performance product in the range and significantly improves visibility and safety for drivers," explained Gabriella Mózes, General Manager at GE Lighting - Automotive. "We have a rich heritage in automotive lighting and we are constantly developing to make improvements all the time. The Megalight Ultra +120 is our latest offering to the market."

    Check out our video with the most important features at Automechanika 2012:

    Without headlights and tail lights, every nighttime driving experience would be a nail-biting, fear-filled passage through the unknown. With superior performance, GE Automotive headlights and tail lights allow you more time to react on the road, giving you the confidence and control to handle whatever the night throws at you.

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