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Gibson 788025 Superflow SFT Performance Muffler

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  • The Gibson Superflow muffler is a fully welded, reverse-flow design that’s just a tad longer than the factory muffler, but is a much smaller diameter for a cleaner fit and a bit more ground clearance from off-road obstacles. The sound is very sweet in our opinion. Just enough growl to let you know it’s a performance piece but not farty or obnoxious in the least. And when cruising at moderate throttle it’s about as quiet as stock

    Jam out when you get down with Gibson Exhaust. Your engine will breathe easier once these Headers open up its intake passages, while a Gibson Muffler makes that exhaust flow freely through your tailpipe, eliminating backpressure. Fully renovate your performance with a complete Exhaust System, and make sure everything looks great with Tips. However you need your ride to function, Gibson Exhaust is the company to see.

  • Gibson also sells a variety of exhaust accessories to enhance your performance. Rather than dropping in a whole new exhaust system you can install a Gibson Muffler or a set of Gibson Exhaust Headers and increase flow to unleash even more hidden power. Then, when you want to dress up your exterior a bit, bolt on a polished Gibson Round Exhaust Tip or Turndown Exhaust Tip.

    Turn up the volume with Gibson Performance Superflow MWA mufflers. Gibson "Mufflers with Attitude" Superflow mufflers are built tough, sound even tougher, and might even add a couple of extra horsepower to your ride.

    Constructed of stainless steel, Gibson MWA mufflers are corrosion and rust resistant. A flow-thru design ensure that maximum exhaust flow is achieved, allowing your engine to perform without restriction. Gibson MWA mufflers flow only 3cfm less than a 3" straight pipe, which is undoubtedly an impressive number.

    Sound is king in the muffler world, and the MWA mufflers sound fantastic. Gibson designed these muffler using no internal packing or baffles, which creates a mean growl outside the car while creating minimum drone inside the cab.

    Gibson MWA mufflers are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, made in the USA, and are going to turn heads while blasting down the road. What more are you looking for in a muffler? Order yours today!

  • Enhanced Style
    Not only do Gibson mufflers give your truck a boost in power and torque, but they’ll add an extra element of super sweet style to your ride too! Beyond improving your vehicle’s operation and functionality, that’s a big part of what customizing your truck is about, and it’s another area where these accessories hit it out of the park. If we could marry a set of chrome , we probably would. And who could judge us? Those things are totally awesome and that’s just plain to see.


The Gibson brand has staked its reputation on designing and creating efficient products at affordable prices. When the company’s founders, Ron and Julie Gibson, went shopping for accessories to help them get better power and performance for their own mobile home, they were disappointed that they weren’t able to find anything that could get the job done right. So, like any good pair of entrepreneurs, they set out to build the kind of exhaust system they envisioned. One thing led to another, and now Gibson mufflers are amongst the most highly regarded aftermarket truck accessories out there.