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  • Pricing for the new 2016 GMC Savana has been set at $25,770 – $32,870 based on current exchange rates. If there are changes on the 2016 GMC Savana we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep follow our blog.

    This vehicle is designed for long journeys so it is almost all about comfort. The 2016 GMC Savana will come with improvements in many aspects. Just like its predecessor, it will feature three rows of seats with more than enough space to accommodate nine passengers. However, this number could easily be increased to 15 passengers. The cargo space will be also enlarged. Great thing about this van is that it can be used not only for its basic purpose, but it could be also modified to be an ambulance van, school bus and many other. Beside expected improvements inside the cabin, 2016 GMC will also come with some exterior modifications. It seems that new model will come with several tweaks like new bumper or slightly revisited headlights and grille, which will make this van look more attractive.

  • GMC Savana is a full-size van produced by General Motors. It was originally launched in 1996 and it is one of the most popular vans in United States. Alongside with its mechanical twin Chevrolet Express, it holds around 45 percent of the full-size van market in U.S. just behind Ford E-Series, which have been discontinued recently. This van made through several modifications and it seems that 2016 GMC Savana will come with some changes too. New model is expected to come not only with refreshed look, but also with many improvements when it is about comfort, which is the most important segment of this type of cars.

    2016 GMC Savana is expected to be one of the pivotal automobiles from Chevrolet Motor Company. This is a company known for top quality automobiles. They have maintained their adherence to durability, reliability and stylish manufacturing since inception till date. Auto buyers can only expect nothing short of top-performance and top level design from 2016 GMC Savana by the time it is finally released for sale in the auto mobile market.

    Third generation
    Manufacturer General Motors
    Also called Chevrolet Beauville
    Chevrolet Bonaventure
    Chevrolet G-Series
    Chevrolet Nomad
    Chevrolet Sport Van
    GMC Rally Wagon
    GMC Vandura
    Production 1971–1996
    Assembly Lordstown, Ohio, United States
    Flint, Michigan, United States
    Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
    Body and chassis
    Class Full-size van
    Body style 3-door van
    3+1 door wagon
    4-door van
    Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
    Related Chevrolet/GMC C/K
    Engine 4.1L I6
    4.3L V6
    5.0L V8
    5.7L V8
    7.4L V8
    6.2L diesel V8 (1982–93)
    6.5L diesel V8 (1994–95)
    Transmission 3-speed automatic
    4-speed automatic
    4-speed manual
    Wheelbase 110 in (2,794 mm) (SWB)
    125 in (3,175 mm) (LWB)
    146 in (3,708 mm) (EWB)
    Length 178.2 in (4,526 mm) (SWB)
    202.2 in (5,136 mm) (LWB)
    223.2 in (5,669 mm) (EWB)
    Width 79.5 in (2,019 mm)
    Height 79.4 in (2,017 mm) (SWB)
    79.2 in (2,012 mm) (LWB)
    79.8 in (2,027 mm) (SWB)
    81.9 in (2,080 mm) (LWB)

  • Chevrolet/GMC Van
    Manufacturer Chevrolet/GMC (General Motors)
    Production 1964–1996
    Body and chassis
    Body style van
    Predecessor Chevrolet Greenbrier Sportswagon
    Successor Chevrolet Express / GMC Savana

    Individuals characteristics help to make the van seems to be nicer and provides a great deal more security through its solid bumper. Chevrolet ensures this particular major van will deliver most adaptability in addition to luxury. 2016 GMC Savana can be an enormous van car which will be practical pertaining to disable folks. The seats can also be created for Us Disabilities Acts (ADA) compliant pertaining to wheel chair hotel. The disable person will be effortless and comfort getting this car because of the adaptability and easiness which can be offered. The new Savana also supplied with the new know-how connected with sliding and glass door which can be included for this passengers’ safety, security, and usefulness.

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2016 GMC Savana is expected to be a redesigned version of the previous. Its interior and exterior are expected to be given new touches that will make driving a lot more interesting. The automobile is also referred to as Chevrolet Express. It will be a large automobile with adequately spacious interior to ensure passengers have adequate leg space to improve on comfort. The seats will be made using top quality material. The company has declared that the seats would be made more comfortable and according to ADA or American Disabilities Acts compliant for wheel chair accommodations. The door panel and the steering wheel will be covered with top quality materials. The windows will be controlled electronically and the controls are located very close to the driver for easier and faster reach. On its exterior body, New chrome bumpers on both ends along with new Grille would make the van look attractive. Sliding glass doors would provide passengers getting in and out more comfortable and easily. As a modern van, one can expect to see advanced infotainment and entertainment systems along with safety measures inside it.