An example of a cloudy headlight lens in need of some TLC.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit can only be used on plastic headlight lenses

Driver and Passenger Headlights Headlamps Clear Lenses with Amber Signal Reflectors Replacement for Chevrolet Pontiac 22740621 22740620

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  • The good news is that this damage is very common and very fixable. This short tutorial will give you all the skills you need to restore your headlight lens covers.

    No reproduction glass made today will ever compare to the originals! Currently I have Two lists of Early Vintage Headlight lens types available, and Two image pages. Are your factory headlights cracked or have fading and fogging? Don't replace the whole headlight, just change the lenses with these high quality glass lenses from Helix. Automakers used to manufacture headlight lenses from glass. The bad thing is that glass limits a lens' shape and size so the OEMs switched to a more aerodynamically

  • Over the past several decades the use of plastics has permeated into the manufacturing of automotive headlight lenses. With this conversion, the need became apparent Adjure CWC-7004 4" x 6" Rectangular Replacement Headlight with Diffused Glass Lens. SP-HEAD LAMP Finally got around to a project I have been planning for quite awhile. A few months ago I picked up replacement glass headlight lenses from Volx Tuning, they have

    1,977 matches found: FREE SHIP 96 97 98 Honda CIVIC JDM Black Headlights+Yel · Volvo S60 RIGHT Head Light Lens 01 02 03 04 Glass NEW · 94-98 CHEVY C/K 1500 2500 Moose Species Headlights Replacement Lens Polycarbonate Glass | Species Headlight. SPECIES HEADLIGHT. Universal fitting with anti vibration rubber straps. I've seen new repro taillight lenses (plastic) and NORS headlight lenses, but has anyone ever considered reproducing NEW headlight lenses in glass ? They made them

    Wolfgang Plastic Headlight Lens Cleaning System

    "AWSOME RESULTS ! As usual...Wolfgang products are as good as it comes ! Thanks AutoGeek’s for carrying there complete line of products." - Rick

    3M Lens Renewal Kit 39014

    "This system has great Directions for Use that make it very simple to follow. The difference from before to after look likes new headlights were put in the car. It’s amazing!" - CarOwner345

    Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit

    "Bought this and tried it on my 2003 BMW X5. Lenses were seriously clouded - almost opaque. With the drill and some heavy buffing - they are clear! Probably would have been easier if I had sanded first - but it worked regardless! Highly recommend." - Harry

  • Cloudy, scratched headlight lens covers are a safety hazard as well as a blemish on your vehicle. This condition occurs because the plastic is overexposed to UV light. The cloudiness starts at the exterior surface of the lens cover and spreads inward. In intense sun climates, this damage can be apparent within a couple of years of purchasing a new car.

    The good news is that this damage is very common and very fixable. This short tutorial will give you all the skills you need to restore your headlight lens covers.

    I just wanted to send a letter of appreciation with regard to the Wipe New automotive headlight lens restorer. In my sojourn on this mortal coil, I have become somewhat cynical with regard to product claims. During my morning work out on the treadmill, I have seen your numerous commercials. I had previously tried a couple of other competitors products (unnamed) on my Nissan 2000 extend cab pickup’s headlights which had clouded badly. I did not want to spend a wad of money replacing them if I could just shine up the lens! So, I decided to give your product a shot and purchased reasonably at my local Walmart.

Headlight Lens Restorer for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

The Sylvania kit called for washing the headlight lens with a surface activator. Then I applied the clarifying compound from the packet to the different levels of sandpaper for sanding and polishing the lens. Finally, I applied the UV Block Clear Coat.