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Hidden Hitch 70181 Class III Round Tube Trailer Hitch

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  • Here are some of Hidden Hitch's products available from warehouses located in Canada and the USA. Search by your car or truck to find the right hitch and wiring for you!

    Hidden Hitch QSP System Helps to tighten fit connection between receiver and accessory. It also reduces noise level and amount of sway in attached bike racks and cargo carriers.
    When not towing, magnetic cover helps protect receiver from weather and free of debris.

  • I ordered the Hidden Hitch Class III 2" Hitch for our 2015 Subaru Forester. It came in perfect condition from etrailer with all the necessary hardware. I was somewhat reluctant to install myself, but after watching the available videos, I decided to take it on. I installed it this morning in a little over an hour including the time required to get the car up on the jack stands, etc. I could have saved some time if I took it to my friends garage and put it on his lift, but it was really a simple installation, even doing it lying on my back. Looking forward to receiving the Yakima Ridgeback bike rack, which I also ordered from etrailer, and trying everything out.

    Hitchweb is proud to support Hidden Hitch in Canada and the USA. Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitches is a widely known brand in Canada for their great design and quality made hitches. When people compare Hidden Hitch vs Curt or brands alike, it's often assumed that Hidden Hitch is the brand that is "hidden", but that isn't always the case. Hidden Hitch does have designs where the hitch is visible, but that's not a design flaw, but rather designed to accomodate the vehicle's bumper, exhaust or other components causing a visible design. Nor is true that Curt doesn't have a hidden hitch, they do offer designs where the hitch is hidden, again the design is a by-product of the vehicle. In terms of quality and warranty, they are pretty similar, so how to choose between Curt vs Hidden Hitch. Well it will come down to a few factors:

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    Hidden hitch / tail pipe vibration

    Installed a tube style hidden hitch on my '06 wrangler X. Installation was easy (bolt on), however, I'm having some vibration issues.

    The hitch sits very close to the tail pipe. I'm finding the tail pipe is vibrating (against the hitch) at slow speeds (like in stop and go traffic).

    Anyone else have this sort of problem? Fixes? I'm thinking about taking an inch or so off the tail pipe.

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    Outfitting a new vehicle, and stumbled on etrailer through a Yahoo search. Up to this point i was ordering a hitch that required drilling so I'd be having it installed. After checking out the hitch options, and accompanying You Tube vids i went with the no drill Hidden Hitch. It came promptly, packaged well, and ready to go out of the box. I was on my own to install, only had a concern about lifting it up while tightening the bolts. I have to say the wire fish thingys are ingenious, wow, I giggled at the simplicity of their use. The hardest thing was lifting it into place, alone. My chest proved to be a perfect lift, lol. I tightened one to hold on each side and then took care of the rest. The heat shield probably wasn't my finest work, but its good to go. I highly recommend the hitch and etrailer....they answered a prepurchase install question promptly. Nice...now I'm ordering a bike rack.

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Look in the Hidden Hitch catalog for hitch balls in every conceivable size and weight class rating, as well as receiver tube covers, adapters to change receiver sizes up or down, and steps to plug into the receiver. Front-mount receivers to attach steps, license plate frames and . Hidden Hitch is also a great source for unfinished receiver tubes in all three sizes for fabricating your own hitch from scratch.