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Honda 16700-Z0J-003 Pump Assy. Fuel

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  • If you experience signs such as the vehicle losing power while accelerating, a sudden loss of power when the car is under stress, an engine that shutters at high speed, surging, or an engine that simply does not want to start, it might be an indication that your Honda fuel pump needs replacement. If you are in the market of replacing your fuel pump, you’ve come to the right place. If you are not sure whether you need to buy a mechanical or electrical pump, our live chat specialists are just a click away. With us, you will save time and money.

    We also manufacture our own version of every OEM Fuel Pump to exact factory specs. The Buy Auto Parts brand Fuel Pumps look, fit, and perform the same as the factory Honda Fuel Pumps. Because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you are able to buy them at just a fraction of the price!

  • Often, an engine that works with a carburetor use a low-pressure mechanical pump, mounted on the outside of the fuel tank. On the other hand, fuel injected engines use electrical pumps mounted inside the fuel tank. A Honda fuel pump, or any other make of fuel pump, cannot work on its own and needs other components to do the job. In a Honda, this is known as a Honda Fuel Pump Assembly. The assembly consists of an electric pump, a cylindrical plastic housing, a spring-loaded frame, and a fuel gauge sender. These components have to be made out of premium materials because they need to be able to withstand wear and tear and exposure to harsh elements.

    Note that even at idle, a fuel pump can affect power. When idling, a typical Honda fuel pump dissipates about 80 watts, most of which goes into heating the fuel. A rule of thumb is that decreasing fuel temperature 10 degrees will drop intake temperatures 5 degrees. A cooler intake charge means a denser intake charge, and more power, so keeping the fuel cool is important to maintaining consistent power.


    Honda Fuel Pump Assembly

    Honda Fuel Pump Assembly

    Honda Fuel Pump Assembly

  • Specifications
    • Factory Honda Ruckus Fuel Pump (electric) (not included)
    • Two Stroke Style Ignition Coil (not included)
    • Stainless Steel Hardware included
    • Billet 6061T
    • Made in USA
    Brand DROWsports

    A fuel pump, be it a Honda fuel pump or otherwise, is a vital component to any vehicle that uses an internal combustion engine. Some vintage cars and motor cycles do not have a fuel pump and rely on gravity to feed fuel from the fuel tank. However, in vehicles where gravity is not used, the fuel must be pumped from the fuel tank to the engine. And, the fuel must be delivered under a low pressure to the carburetor. Where a fuel injection system is used, the fuel must be propelled by a fuel pump with high pressure.

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