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A Florida motorist was surprised by a six-foot snake that emerged from under the hood of his car.

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  • For many people, having a clean and tidy car is a very important thing. But while most people focus on cleaning the interior and exterior of the car, few spend time cleaning underneath the hood of the car. Cleaning under the hood of the car can have benefits that go beyond looks. Fundamentally, a clean engine compartment can help prolong the life of your car and prevent electronic and mechanical problems alike. However, cleaning under the hood is a little more difficult than we might suspect. Fortunately, with a little time and information, you’ll be able to clean under your hood and extend the life of your vehicle.

    In 2010, Ortiz was 16 years old, less than 5 feet tall and weighed about 118 pounds when officer Brian Kazimer chased and held him on the hood of the car for 15 minutes, according to Ortiz's lawsuit. Dan Crisan, another officer, was accused of not intervening.

  • Tim Mokwa discovered a six-foot snake in the hood of his car while driving. Mokwa visited a local state park over the weekend and that's when he believes the snake climbed aboard.

    In early December, Lafayette police responded to Sunnyside Intermediate School on a report that a child “who flew off the hood of a car.” When police arrived, they reviewed school’s surveillance video which verified witnesses’ statements of the events.

  • DUNEDIN, Fla. - A Florida man got an unexpected surprise after a 6-foot-long snake popped out of the hood of his car while he was driving along a busy highway.

Surveillance video shows naked man jumping onto hood of car

Tim Mokwa posted showing the snake emerging from under the hood of his car and crawling up the windshield while he was driving to his Clearwater home Monday.