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hood struts are great for a stock hood , but are too strong for 85 cobra r racing hood

Partsam 2 Pcs Hood Lift Supports Struts SG314036 For 2002-2007 DODGE Ram

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  • A common question asked by many is why Ford still includes the hood prop rod from the factory on brand new Mustangs. With the introduction of such high-tech features such as navigation, LED license plate lights, daytime running lamps, heated and air conditioned seats, you would think a simple pair of hood struts would be on Ford’s radar. Regardless of their reasoning, CJ’s is here with a selection of hood struts that are easy to install and allow you to remove that unsightly hood prop rod on top of your radiator cover.

    Good question! Hood struts are a luxury for us Mustang owners. It not only allows the hood to rise on its own when unlatched, but you will also be able to remove the factory hood prop rod. On top of that, these hood struts, offered in a variety of finishes, aren’t hard on the eyes either! You’ll be able to easily lift your hood up for car meets to show off that beastly engine under the hood, and even be able to wrench on your engine from all angles while the hood is up. It’s really a win-win.

  • One of the most common complaints you hear from any Mustang owner is the unsightly hood prop rod included from the factory. That’s why, many enthusiasts’ first purchase is a pair of Mustang Hood Struts to get rid of that ugly hood prop rod and allow the hood to rise on its own. By removing the OE hood prop rod and replacing it with a pair of hood struts from CJ’s, you will also be able to wrench on your engine from all angles, which is always a plus!

    GCR Auto Collision custom Stealth Gray paint
    Anderson Composite carbon fiber GTH-style hood, Type ST trunk lid, front spoiler, AR-style side skirts, grille
    Ford Performance hood struts**
    Ford Licensed Accessories lighted pony grille*
    Rally Innovations front splitter

    3SX Custom Quick-Release Hood Struts - OEM or Light-Weight

    3SX now offers custom hood struts!! They are a quick-release style for easily removing the hood without having to unbolt everything and potentially strip out the hoods threads. As an added bonus and unique to 3SX, we offer TWO different versions. We have a standard High-Tension version for use with the stock steel hood, and a Low-Tension version for use with aftermarket fiberglass and carbon-fiber hoods!!!

    NEW OFFERING! We realize that some aftermarket hoods include SMALLER threads in the hood where the hood struts mount. In response to that, we now offer the option of getting our hood struts with custom milled smaller 6mm thread pitch bolts to fit these select aftermarket hoods. The stock hood as well as the 3SX hoods use M8 sized threads where the hood struts mount to the hood. Verify on your hood prior to rdering.

    NOTE: Some aftermarket hoods do NOT have ports installed to allow for using hood struts. We do NOT recommend simply drilling out a hole to install and use the 3SX hood struts as the hood material is probably not strong enough to allow the use of hood struts without damaging the hood. The 3SX Stinger hoods are specifically designed with internal hardware to accommodate the hood struts and the tensions they place on a composite material hood.

    Sold as a pair.

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  • Steeda's S550 Mustang Hood Strut Kit for 2015-2016 GT, EcoBoost, and V6 Mustang is the perfect way to dress up the engine bay of your 2015-2017 Mustang. Get rid or your prop rod and replace it with these powder coated brackets and gas struts for a great look and function.

    OEM quality gas struts are included in this kit. We have engineered Steeda's S550 Mustang Hood Strut Kit for 2015-2017 GT, EcoBoost, and V6 Mustangs to fit and function better than the other kits on the market - Steeda brackets have three times more surface area than our competitors' to disperse the force of the hood struts over a greater area.

    Our brackets have been designed to provide extra support for the hood, and Steeda provides a neoprene adhesive material to protect the paint on the underside of your hood with no metal-to-metal contact.

    Product Benefits

    • More room to work on your engine in the front of the engine bay
    • Brackets have 3 times more surface area to avoid flexing
    • Neoprene backing to avoid metal-to-metal contact
    • OE quality, tier 1 manufactured struts
    • Powder coated strut mount plates
    • Gas hood struts come with a one year warranty, and all hardware comes with a lifetime warranty

    Purchase our Steeda's S550 Mustang Hood Strut Kit for 2015-2017 GT, EcoBoost, and V6 Mustang today with Steeda Autosports.

    Been looking all over for Ford Mustang hood struts? Look no further than the wide selection of options available from your friends at CJ Pony Parts! Browse our selection and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Locate where the hood strut -- or struts, if there are two -- are fastened to the hood and where they are fastened in the engine bay. The hood struts attach to the chassis at the rear, outer corners of the engine bay and are held in place with a clip and a pin that they rotate on.