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The ignition coil wire sits in the ignition distributor of your car and transforms the battery’s voltage to the voltage needed to...

MSD 84039 HEI Coil Wire

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  • Ignition Coil and Wires - If replacing the ignition coil, start by rotating the electrical connect counterclockwise to disconnect. (green arrow).

    Ignition Coil and Wires - Pull each wire off of the ignition coil towers. Usually the wires are stuck to the coil towers, you can gently release the wire using a flathead screwdriver by gently lifting the boot. Once free, pull off with a twisting motion.

  • Ignition Coil and Wires - Once the wires are detached from the coil, pull them out of the bracket (green arrow) that runs along the side of the cylinder head. Note the position of the wires and the order they are installed. Cylinder #4 is on the top, #3 is next and so on.

    Ignition Coil and Wires - When replacing your ignition coil or wires, be sure to note the location of each ignition wire before removing it. This way the order doesn'Â't get mixed up. BMW wires from the factory come with cylinder numbers on them. Do not depend on the numbering to be there when you purchase new wires.

  • Ignition Coil and Wires - Next remove each wire from the spark plugs. Then remove the wires from the bracket at the back of the cylinder head. Cylinder #4 (green arrow) is on the top, #3 (yellow arrow) is next and so on. The wires drop into this bracket and stack on top of each other. Be sure to take your time when routing the new wires. Get the fit and position right the first time. Once routed, install onto spark plugs. Install the new wires onto the ignition coil. Then reinstall the ignition coil. Start your engine once the coil is reinstalled and confirm your engine runs well. Then you can install the engine cover.

Ignition System Basic Operation