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A knock sensor detects engine knock or detonation, which then controls the timing of the engine

ACDelco 213-3521 GM Original Equipment Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor

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  • The knock sensor functions according to the piezoelectric principle in which the enclosed piezoceramic element converts any vibration occurrring in the engine into electrical voltage signals by means of its own deformation. The voltage signals form the basis for correcting the current "knock firing point" for the control unit. The magnitude of these voltage signals (max. 3-4 V) depends on the intensity of the vibrations in the engine which are dictated by the regularity or irregularity of the combustion process.

    Use PartsGeek every time you want high quality car and truck parts such as the Delphi knock sensor. Preserve your car's critical systems by buying only the most reliable top-notch engine parts. It doesn't matter if you race competitively or just appreciate driving a performance vehicle, the highest quality parts are critical. Auto enthusiasts who thrill over performance car or trucks know that nothing is more important than getting the best new parts and accessories. The knock sensor changes an engine's RPM idle rate as needed to combat engine knock. Knock sensors function with a computer chip to monitor ignition timing constantly so as to avoid motor knock, which may cause harm. The knock sensor makes certain your vehicles obtaining its highest level of power for the lowest volume of gasoline. A dependable knock sensor installed enables you to monitor the timing of the vehicle's spark plugs.

  • q   the tightening torque influences the knock sensor function

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    Knock sensor function?

    Maybe this question is already on here, I couldn't find it. This relates to my first question a couple days ago... What the hell is the function of a knock sensor, anyway?

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