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Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement - Dodge Ram 2500

FJM Security MEI-2400AS-KA Tubular Cam Lock with 5/8" Cylinder and Chrome Finish, Keyed Alike

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  • This is a lock cylinder replacement for most standard types of lock, rim locks and other locking devices. This cylinder comes with 2 keys and is security key compatible. With the screws and front ring included, you can simply buy this and replace you lock cylinder to change the key or if you lock is hard to turn, it could be the cylinder or the key. By changing the lock cylinder and keys it can solve your problem of back key or hard to use lock and keys. The cylinder has a protective plastic on the face, that simply peels off.

    I purchased the Dorman lock cylinder replacement. When I try to remove the old one it pops out as it should half way but then it wont come out all the way. It seems like the button you have to press in to remove it is getting stuck again.

  • Now as I write this post and thinking about what I did only 2 things come tomind .One is that when I was installing the lock cylinders it was 10 degreesout and after I had finished the doors and fuel door I hopped in the cab, shutthe door, and started the truck with the old key to get the heater on (my handswere freezing). While the truck was running I removed the old ignition lockcylinder and put the new one in. Could this have caused the cylinder to notreach the lock position? Is having the truck off and battery disconnected imperativeof new ignition lock cylinder replacement? The other though I had is thatperhaps I purchased a set for pre 86 pickup. Would the ignition lock cylinderfor and older model fit into mine and just not work correctly?

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