Mitsubishi Eclipse lower lateral control arm replacement

Driver and Passenger Front Lower Control Arm Replacement for Dodge Jeep SUV 5105041AH 5105040AH

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  • I'll keep the factory control arms and find replacement bushings bushings later (e.g. Moog or Motorcraft). I looked in my Hyanes manual about the lower control arm bushing replacement and its got nothing about it.

    This is a discussion on RZR 800 Front Lower Control Arm Replacement within the RZR 800 Specific Discussion forums, part of the General RZR category; Hi, I also posted this under "suspension" but I am not sure if the various models share similar parts: My kid hit a rock with ...

  • Buy Auto Parts and Auto Zone are companies offering Lower control arm replacement listings. Check the listings on these sites and find a suitable listing before making an order.

    As you drive your car your suspension systems absorb the shock from bumps in the road. The shock absorbers control the up and down motion of the suspension system. The Mercedes Benz W211 chassis uses a double wishbone suspension with coil over shock absorbers. This means there is an upper control arm that attaches to the top of the spindle and guides the movement of the upper part of the spindle. There is also a lower control arm that attaches and guides the movement of the lower part of the spindle. Bushings are used at the pivot point of the upper and lower control arm to absorb some of the shock from bumps. Ball joints are used at the spindle for flexibility with steering and suspension movement. Over time these bushings can wear out, become dry and crack. When they wear out they allow the lower control arm to move around during suspension and steering movement. This causes handling problems and uneven tire wear. In this tech article we will show you how to remove you lower control arms for replacement.

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    RZR 800 Front Lower Control Arm Replacement

    Hi, I also posted this under "suspension" but I am not sure if the various models share similar parts:

    My kid hit a rock with our 2011 RZR 800. It broke the front right lower control arm. The upper arm, mounting brackets and driveshaft look grossly ok. I bought a new arm and bushings. The problem is, I cannot get the ball joint to go into the receiver hole. It is not quite long enough for it to reach.
    I took off the tie rod and this did not help. I tried putting the ball joint in first and then triying to get the mounting bracket bolt in but it is a half inch short. I tried jacking it down on the wheel to compress the shock and this did not help. I tried loosening the ball joint mount on the upper control arm and I can get the lower "or" the upper ball joint in but not both at the same time.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    I'd like to hear from anyone that has successfully done the lower rear control arm bushing replacement. My '05 LS had the clunks and creaks but two repair shops said everything checks out fine. I replaced the sway bar bushings and links and that corrected the clunking but not the low speed creaking. While I was under there I noticed the LCA bushings are both cracked as indicated in the picture.
    How difficult is this job? Sawing and burning sounds like more trouble than it should be.
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    Lower control arm bushing- how to replace-In this video Sam from in East Lansing Michigan will show you how to replace a lower control arm bushing in less than 15 minutes.

    This lower control arm bushing replacement procedure can be used on many FWD Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Cadillac vehicles. This will also work on many other FWD vehicles.

    This method is the one we use in our shop every day. We show you the tools needed and an exact step by step process.

    If you run into any issues like we did on this one an alternative method is also provided.

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