2 Pieces (SET) Front Hood Lift Supports 1995 To 1997 Lexus LS400 Sedan

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  • Moron Richard? Why? Are you capable of building a custom engine conversion like that? I believe they said RX8 not RX7, two completely different cars.
    The Lexus 1UZ is a gem of a motor. It's a compact, lightweight, powerful, high reving V8 not to mention bulletproof. I did a SBC V8 conversion on my Porsche 914 and it was a wicked fast car but I would rather have the Lexus V8 in it. Ive owned two LS400's And am buying a SC400 tomorrow. I've owned dozens of German cars and love them but overall I think Lexus simply built a better car. They just don't give many problems. I wouldn't pay over $1000 for that kind of mileage though. Good luck. ~ Cheers

    Have a 1990 ls400. 300k miles. Replaced the transmission for 2000$. And fixed a pulley that froze up and snapped the serpentine belt myself. Very DIY vehicle. Same timing belt since 75k miles. Hasn't broken yet! Great cars and bulletproof reliable. More comfortable than my 13' Hyundai tuscon

  • as the new caretaker of a pristine 1990 lexus LS400 I somehow managed to turn the door key in such a way that three doors lock/unlock but the drivers door does not open...not even from the inside...I spayed some wd-40 in the lock but no success....so I called a locksmith who had some tools that I wasn't comfortable with him using (two srewdrivers!) Is there an easy way to get the door panel or upper panel off? .... or do I just head to the dealership?

    Older LS400's share a great amny parts with the same year's Toyota Supra. If you know this, then most of your parts become more available and MUCH cheaper.

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    Officials say that 26-year-old Ebony Little was driving a 1995 Lexus LS400, when she attempted to strike a pedestrian she knew with her vehicle during an altercation at the 4700 block of Murray Street.

LEXUS LS400 1999 V8-3967cc 4.0L F/I Vin 1UZFE

The LS400-specific stuff starts with the instrument cluster. The groovy, fluorescent display of the Lexus was great (and novel at the time) but we've seen a few where the fluoro illumination has quit on one or more of the gauges. Sometimes they flicker annoyingly, other times they just drop dead. Check that the on-board clock and radio unit work, too, as replacement is the only sensible cure for a dud unit.