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I had a Manik brush guard on my 98 Ranger

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  • I have had a lot of experience with the Manik brush guard in the past. I had mine replaced 3 times because of the black finish peeling off in sheets. Rust would form and it looked awful. Some places it bubbled. This was for my Isuzu Trooper at the time and it looked so good on it I was determined to get them to replace it with one that had a decent finish. Finally, brush guard #4 was perfect. It had a good powercoat finish instead of the old enamel they had used and held up perfectly.........until some jerk ran a red light a year later and destroyed it and my Trooper. Thats why I have the Element now. I think I'm done with brush guards though. They have their own little problems. They are very heavy too, at least the one I had was. So I can only imagine what it will do for gas mileage in the Element. I would much rather have the bull bars or push bars that just cover the lower front bumper in the same material the sidesteps come in.

    Can I get some opinions on what a decent price would be for a 3rd gen Manik brush guard? I'd like to sell it to someone on .org for a good price, but it would have to be local to San Diego due to size/weight.

  • Selling a manik brush guard for 2005-2009 Toyota 4Runner. Very good condition, comes with all mounting hardware and brackets. Bolt-on fitment, no drilling. $100 ...

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    Manik Brushguard with Pics!!!

    hey guys,

    i just got my manik guard installed yesterday. would have done it myself but it was around -5 outside so i decided to fork the $60 and get it installed. it was 460 shipped. i didnt wanna pull one of these "patsheas" i keep hearing about so i was sure to get you guys pics let me know what you think!

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    Manik Brush guards for '03

    I am looking for a brush gaurd for my '03 and the market is very limited right now. I found one place that says that Manik makes one for it, but they don't have any pics. I know Jaos is coming out with some stuff and would love to have one of those, but I would also like to keep my wife and my privates.:cry:

    My question is, do you guys that have Manik bars like'em, or would you rather have something else?

    Also, have any of the other '03 guys come across any good stuff like this for our trucks?

    Thanks for the help guys.

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Selling a manik front brush guard. Still usable, not sure what vehicle it was removed from. I installed it on my s10 with a little custom work. $150 obo if you have any questions please ask ...